Parineeti 9th April 2023 Written Update

The episode starts with Sanju asks Neeti for his lunch. Neeti asks him what happened. Sanju complains to Neeti about her behaviour. Parineet gives the lunch box to Sanju. Sanju praises Neeti then leaves. Neeti questions Parineet then goes inside. Parineet wonders what happened to Neeti then asks her about the same. Neeti lies her health isn’t good. Parineet tells she will cook Halwa for her which Neeti refuses. Bebe intervenes then scolds Parineet. Parineet becomes speechless. Neeti requests Parineet to give Sanju’s favorite dish which she wants the latter to give it to Sanju. Parineet agrees then leaves. Bebe praises Neeti for her idea to send Parineet out of the house to execute their plan.

Neeti recalls Sanju’s praises and cares for Parineet. She then calls Sanju and informs him about her plan to make his favourite dish which she get to know from Bebe but before she could he left for office so now she sent Parineet to his office. Sanju jokes at Neeti after she expresses her disappointment towards him for giving credits to Parineet. Neeti gets angry so disconnects the line. Bebe questions Neeti for informing Sanju the reason behind her sending Parineet to his office. Neeti tells her so that Sanju won’t suspect her after Parineet get killed. Also he won’t be aware that she knows about him and Parineet’s marriage truth didn’t affect her at all. Bebe praises Neeti.

Gurpreet reaches home. Biji asks her what happened and the reason behind her returning home soon. Gurpreet remains silent and enters the house. Biji goes to bring her water. Gurpreet recalls whatever happened. Parineet and Neeti’s photo frame falls and breaks. She accuses Neeti for the reason behind Parineet’s life get spoiled also decides not to forgive Neeti at all. Biji asks Gurpreet the reason behind her crying. Gurpreet lies. Biji thinks Gurpreet is sad because she returned home earlier also Parineet and Neeti’s photo frame get broke. She assures Gurpreet none can affect Parineet and Neeti’s friendship then goes inside. Gurpreet tears Parineet and Neeti’s photo and gets determined to save Parineet from Neeti.

Neeti looks at her photo album with Parineet. She recalls during childhood Parineet injured herself to save her. She then recalls her agreeing with Bebe to kill Parineet also striking a deal with Raghu. She realises her mistakes so decides to save Parineet at any cost. Bebe stops her and asks her not to start her acting of losing Parineet because Raghu isn’t killed Parineet yet. Neeti pleads Bebe to stop Raghu as she don’t want to kill Parineet. Bebe gets taken aback. She refuses to call Raghu saying the latter must be on his way to kill Parineet so even if she calls him the chances of him answering the call is slim to none. Meanwhile Raghu wonders where Parineet is. Parineet is on her way to Rajeev’s office. She feels glad that the problem misunderstanding between Neeti and Sanju is resolved. She then gets sad that she can’t able to get Rajeev’s love ever because the latter loves Neeti. She then goes to the temple. Raghu sees this and decides to execute the plan once Parineet comes out.

Here, Neeti tells Bebe that she and Parineet is inseparable. Parineet is her best friend also sister who always protected her so she can’t do this with Parineet to satisfy her ego. Bebe tries to manipulate Neeti by reminding how Parineet hide that she married to Sanju also Sanju and Parineet hugged outside the police station. Neeti tells Bebe that she knows about her Parineet well. She will never hurt her intentionally so demands Bebe to call Raghu to backaway. Bebe refuses saying if God wants Parineet to die then she will for sure. Neeti questions Bebe for refusing to listen to her asking is she have any other agenda for which she is using her? Bebe gets tensed but she lies to Neeti whatever she is doing is for her betterment only so asks Neeti to let Raghu kill Parineet. Neeti refuses which angers Bebe. Bebe firmly says she won’t call Raghu also scolds Neeti for changing her decisions. Neeti challenges Bebe saying she won’t let Raghu harm Parineet.

Precap: Parineet gets hit by a car and she falls unconscious. Meanwhile Bebe learns about Parineet’s accident.

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