Parineeti 3rd March 2023 Written Episode Update: Neeti plans against Pari

Parineeti 3rd March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanju comes to the mandap. The wedding starts. They make each other wear garlands. Pandit asks them to hold hands. Neeti recalls Pari holding his hand. Neeti says Pari will do our gathbandhan. Pari ties their knot. She says to tie it so strongly that no one can break our relationship. Pari says no one can ever. They start the rounds. Neeti wonders if Sanju loves her. She recalls him taking the rounds. Pari prays for Neeti and Sanju. Sanju fills Neeti’s hairline. Neeti says this Sanju is mine and I will never give it to anyone. She will have to pay for this sindur she owes me. Bebe hugs Neeti and says well done. I am with you. Pari hugs Neeti and says your dream came true. Neeti says yes. She meets everyone else. Pari asks Neeti are you okay? She says yes I am fine. Never felt so happy before. Pari says you will always be happy, I promise. Neeti says you fulfill all your promises. See all you do to make me happy. Pari says I can do so much for you. Neeti says yes I won’t be fooled anymore. Pari says what? Bebe says she found out what she shouldn’t have. I told her Pari will dance for her. Dance for Neeti’s wedding. Neeti says I want to see Pari dance for my happiness. Pari says we will all make it special for you. We will dance. Everyone agrees.

Pari starts her performance. Neeti says in their heart you’ve fooled me too much. I won’t tolerate these lies anymore. Babli dances with Pari. Monty takes Sanju to the floor. He dances with Pari. Neeti comes between them. Simi takes Neeti to her room. She asks are you okay? Simi says tell me what’s wrong? Your eyes are sad. You can’t hide your pain from me. I am your mother, you can’t fool me. Neeti cries and says if I tell you you won’t believe it and say this was a dream. I have been deceived by the person I trusted the most. Pari has fooled me. She married Sanju. Everyone knows it. Everyone lied to us. Only we two don’t know. Simi is confused. Neeti asks what happened? Are you hiding something? Did you know the truth as well? Simi cries and says yes I knew. But I just got to know you a few days ago. Bebe comes. Neeti says bebe please let it be between us. She says no it’s about everyone. They all lied to you. I am your well-wisher in this house. So talk to me well. Bebe asks Simi who stopped you from telling her? She says, Pari.

Scene 3
Sanju’s sister says to such an unfortunate fate. She got her husband married to her friend and now preparing for their wedding night. Sanju has to give me shagun. Why would we be shy when she’s not shy about getting her husband married to her friend? Pari says you’re right. We should do all rituals. She says wow you’re sacrifice’s epitome. Chandrika says to Pari don’t mind what she says. She doesn’t know these emotions. Pari says I am fine. Don’t worry about me. I am happy for Neeti.

Simi says I told you everything when you were in the hospital but Pari stopped me from telling you anything. I was mad at her for this reason only. I got to know then only. You were not in senses. The nurse told me you can’t process anything. Pari asked me to not tell you because of your health. I couldn’t let you die.

Episode ends


Update Credit to: Atiba

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