Parineeti 24th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Pari decides to tell Neeti truth

Scene 1
Sanju says I beg you please give me the right to care for my to-be-born child. Pari says I have forgiven you. This is your child. You can take care of it. Sanju says you are very nice. If you need anything let me know. Sanju goes to sleep. Pari says in heart do I have any love in real in my fate?

Scene 2
Pari serves breakfast the next morning. Chandrika says to Pari no one ever took a stand for me. You told her she was wrong. Pari says but she didn’t change. Sanju leaves for the office. Tao ji goes with him. Neeti comes after him. Pari says it’s a bad omen. Don’t give voice from back. Pami says Pari is right. Gurinder says to teach Pari something too. Neeti says I am going to the market. Pami asks her to get her bangle repaired as well. Pari says to Neeti I need to go for a normal check-up as well. Neeti says you can come after me.

Tao ji and Sanju are on their way. Sanju says I will drop you at your friend’s place. Sanju recalls Neeti’s behavior. He asks Tao ji for his advice. He says Neeti has changed a bit. She hasn’t told me what’s wrong. He says there are new problems every day. Talk to her, be nice to her, and give her compliments. Tell them the things she likes, and give her a gift. She will open up. Mehra calls Sanju. He says come to my place. Sanju drops Tao ji and goes towards Mehra’s house. His car stops. Sanju gets off to check it.

Sanju gets a taxi and leaves. Gurinder drops pooja thaal. Pami and Gurinder get worried. Pami says this is a bad omen. Bebe says is there a bad thing coming. Pami says don’t scare us. Bebe says don’t cut me off like Pari. Pami says it’s fine. Gurinder says I am worried. Bebe says you said it’s a bad omen. Pami says why do you create problems every in this house. Bebe says you’ve started talking back to me like that Pari. Pami says why do you ring Pari’s name in everything. You can’t blame her for no reason. She leaves. Gurinder says why are you arguing for no reason. I am so worried already. I feel the same way I did when Sanju’s dad died.

Scene 3
Sanju comes to Mehra’s house. His wife says we are worried about this project. He’s not giving up on this project although it’s risky. They have given us threats. He says I have called the guards. Sanju says I can go to the meeting alone. The goons threatened you not me. I can go alone that won’t matter. Mehra gives his car to Sanju.

Pari says to Neeti I hid a huge thing from you. I tried hiding from you but I don’t think I can anymore. I will feel like you’ve been cheated. Neeti says what is it? My friend is cheating on me? Pari says I never got the right time to tell. Neeti says there’s no right or wrong time for the truth. Pari says that’s why I felt I should tell you the truth. Neeti says you hid it all the time then why do you suddenly want to tell me? Pari says I was agitated last night. I couldn’t sleep. I know it’s because I wanted to tell you. I didn’t have to go to the door. Neeti says I also didn’t need anything from the market. I came because I was suffocated there.

Vikram gives money to the goons and tells them his car’s number. The goons chase the car but Sanju is in it. He comes to the project. They think he’s Mehra. They goons prepare to kidnap him. Sanju takes the file.
Pari says I am sorry. Neeti says sorry can’t fix what you’ve done. Pari says it’s not my fault. It was God’s decision. Neeti says don’t blame it on God. It’s our fault. Pari says I hid it all because I never had courage. I wanted to tell you everything last night. Neeti says what if I know everything? Pari says you know everything? Neeti says yes nothing is hidden. Pari who told you? Neeti says I saw everything. Trust comes out.

Episode ends

Precap-The goons kidnap sanju. Gurinder is worried. The goons tell at his home that Sanju is kidnapped by them.

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