Parineeti 23rd March 2023 Written Episode Update: Sanju gets threats

Scene 1
Mr. Mehra says how are you touching my family. Vikram says this was from the internet as a sample. I can do this for real. Sanju says shut up. Don’t scare us. This is our contract and we will have it. You will end up in jail. Vikram says you know my contact. He says if you don’t wanna lose your family do as I say. Give up on this project. Mehra says don’t you touch my kids.

Pari is tired. Chandrika cooks food for her. Pari brings Gurinder’s medicine to her. She asks are you okay? Pari says yes I am better. Chandrika asks show are you mummy ji? She says when did you start caring for me? Chandrika leaves. Pari asks Gurinder why didn’t accept Chandrika. She’s so sweet. She’s very nice. She cares for everyone. She says I only wanted a Punjabi bahu. Pari says but what’s her shortcoming? She says don’t speak between me and her again.

Sanju says to Mehra we shouldn’t take this lightly. Mehra says we shouldn’t be scared of Vikram. Sanju says but what about your family? He says you got sacred Sanju? Sanju says no but is just concerned about your family. Mehra says there are ways to keep my family safe. I will handle Vikram. We shouldn’t be scared of people like him. We’ve to show our strength to them. Sanju says you’re right sir.

Scene 2
Chandrika asks Neeti where is Pari? She says must be in the kitchen. Chandrika says she’s not there. Chandrika says she had a word with Gurinder. Bebe says she was giving Gurinder a lecture. DILs should stand at their limit. Chandrika says Pari was telling mummy ji that she should treat me fairly but mummy ji told Pari to stay in her place. Pami comes into the house and says I got Maheshwari’s place. I am so happy. She was saying such nice things about you Pari. Pami makes Pari eat sweets. Neeti claps and says we should clap for Pari. She’s doing so much for Pari. Gurinder says it’s all because of Pami.

Sanju comes home and tells them about Vikram’s threats. Tao ji says he is a known goon. Pari says you should say no to this project. Neeti says no don’t be scared. We should move ahead in life. Mehra says you are correct. We should be scared of anyone. Neeti says Pari is a coward like that. Stop being scared of things.

Scene 3
Neeti comes to the room. She recalls Sanju taking Pari’s side. Sanju holds her. He says I love you. Neeti says but I am not like Pari. I thought you liked her. I am not wise like her. You wanted a girl not a bold one like me. Sanju says no I wanted an educated and bold girl like you. He says I fell for your same nature. You hit my car. I loved that Neeti. You’re so happening. I am like Pari very simple and you are the opposite very bold. I told the boss I was scared as well but he was brave like you. Neeti leaves.

Pari tries to sleep. She gets cramps. She comes to the kitchen. Sanju asks what happened. Are you okay? She says I had some cramps. Sanju gives her water. He caresses her face. Sanju says please don’ et my care wrong. I wish I never came to your life because I only loved Neeti.

Episode ends

Precap-Pari says to Neeti I hid something from you and it’s between us 3 so you should know. Neeti says I know about it already.: Kidnappers call the family and tell them Sanju has been kidnapped.

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