Parineeti 21st March 2023 Written Episode Update: Pari gives Gurinder wrong medicine

Scene 1
Sanju says I feel like we came close after so long. Neeti says I always wanted to be close to you. Sanju hugs her. He kisses her. Neeti says leave me. Don’t you get it? She leaves. Bebe stops Neeti. Neeti says I feel so weird. I don’t know what to do. At times I forget Pari has backstabbed me. I saw them in the kitchen. They were so close. I was so angry. They don’t even realize how I feel. No one can understand what I am going through. I should e happy, my child will be in this world. But I am not happy. When Sanju comes close to me, I get angry. I don’t know what to do. Why am I suffering? I never imagined Sanju could do this to me. When Sanju proposed to me it was the most special moment for me. The two people I trusted the most deceived me. Bebe says to make sure Pari goes out of this house. You’ve to kick her out of your life.

Pari serves the halwa. Everyoen appreciates her. Bebe and Neeti come. Pari says bebe come. Let me give you halwa. She says let me see Gurinder first. Maheshwari says this halwa is so good. Give me the recipe. Pari says you are always welcome here. I will cook it for you. Maheshwari says Pari is such a well-mannered girl. She knows how to respect elders. Sanju wonders what is Neeti thinking.

Scene 2
Bebe comes to Gurinder. She says Gurinder you ruined my life. If you didn’t do that I won’t have to do this. You don’t know what will happen next. She is asleep. Bebe says you will see what can I do. The Pari who is uniting this house, I will make sure this family breaks because of the. I hate you and I hate that Pari. I will ruin your dreams and Pami’s dreams as well. Maheshwari will see Pami is also useless.

Bebe screams Gurinder. Gurinder. She says Gurinder’s hands are cold. She isn’t opening her eyes. Everyone rushes upstairs. Sanju calls the doctor and asks her to come. Pami says Gurinder open your eyes. Her eyes are shut. Sanju says the doctor is coming. Bebe says we should have taken her to the hospital. The doctor says are you sure the medicine was given on time? Or wrong medicine was given? This can be very dangerous. Sanju says did you give medicine from the right packet? She says I gave form the other packet. Pami says how can you be so careless? Bebe says Sanju you said she’s responsible. You gave her responsibility to Pami instead of Neeti. And she did this. Pari says listen. Simi says it’s all your fault. How can you be so careless? Pammi says you broke my trust. Sanju says it’s my fault. It’s my responsibility. Is should have taken this responsibility myself. Bebe says it’s this Pari’s fault. Are you doing this intentionally? I know she never liked you. Pari says what are you saying? Simi says I will call the police. Neeti says please calm down. We have to think about the condition first. We all know Pari did this mistake. We have to think of the solution first.

Neeti says let’s take her to the hospital and not wait. PAri says Neeti listen. Bebe says stay silent. it’s all because of you. She was thought to be responsible. She doesn’t know anything outside the kitchen. Maheshwari says f someone was this sick why id you give an outsider this responsibility? She’s not even your DIL but her friend. Why are you testing her with everything? Pari says listen to me. Neeti says how could you do that? How could you give her the wrong medicine? Pari says I didn’t. Sanju says if anything happens to my mom I would never forgive you.

The doctor comes. Bebe says she gave her the wrong medicine. Because of her Gurinder is in this condition. The doctor checks her. She says when I came to give them medicine she was asleep. She says I gave her a tranquilizer. Bebe says she gave the wrong medicine. Pari says I gave the right medicine. Neeti says Sanju said which packet has what. She says I checked the slip and I knew the medicine’s name. The tablets were swapped. I checked it thank God. My dad always taught me to check prescriptions first. Pami says we were all so wrong. Maheshwari says Pami you know how to choose the right person for the right responsibility. You deserve this position. Pami apologizes to Pari. She says it’s not your fault. I know you’re stressed. Sanju says I am sorry Pari.

Episode ends.

Precap-Some men kidnap Sanju. They call home and tell them they’ve kidnapped Sanju.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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