Parineeti 10th April 2023 Written Update

The episode starts with Neeti saying to Bebe that she wants to see how Raghu is gonna hurt Parineet. She leaves from there. Bebe sighs at Sukhwinder. Neeti thinks that she forgot who Parineet had been to her in anger? She made the wrong decision in anger. Maybe Sanju takes pehras with Parineet but Sanju loves her. She shouldn’t harm Parineet. Bebe isn’t ready to call Raghu. She doesn’t know how to stop this accident. Neeti thinks it’s better to stop Parineet. She feels relieved after Parineet attends the call. She asks her to return home asap. Parineet says to her that she prepared lunch for Sanju happily and how she could return home without giving it to him. Neeti lies to her that she has fallen down so she needs her help. Parineet assures her to return home asap. Sukhwinder says to Neeti that she was right. Neeti felt relieved after hearing it. Bebe’s statement shocked her.

The police asked the goons to open the mat. He leaves to attend the phone call. Kavya and Manvi notice the goons and ask them why are they here? He says to her that Prateeksha is inside it. Kavya lashes out at them and demands them to take her out of the house. Manvi assures her that no one is going to stop her wedding with Ravi. Later, Sukhwinder says to Neeti that she should be careful around Parineet. If she allows Parineet to stay in this house anymore, she will snatch her place in that house. Neeti says to them that she can’t harm Parineet. Bebe says to Neeti that she lost her baby and rights in this house because of Parineet. She is getting angry at her for this attitude.

Sukhwinder tries to manipulate Neeti against Parineet. She adds that Parineet needs a punishment for snatching her happiness. Neeti tells her that she doesn’t want to take her life for her rights. She is ready to allow them to cause a minor accident in Parineet. Neeti asks Raghu to cause a minor accident in Parineet. If her life is at stake, then she won’t leave him. Bebe thinks that Neeti is trying to save Parineet but she can’t allow it. She wishes to make her move without her knowledge. Neeti assured her to talk with Parineet to meet Sanju.

Amardeep says to his friend that he wants to invite Mehra. How would he announce the surprise without his presence? He talks with Mehra on the phone. Mehra’s wife strictly ordered him not to attend this wedding. He asks him to send Sanju. Mehra calls Neeti and informs her about it. She assures her to attend the wedding along with him. Neeti calls Parineet and lies to her that she is feeling better. She doesn’t want to return home. Parineet worries about her health. Neeti apologized to her for troubling her. Parineet is adamant to check Neeti in person, where she is fine or not? Neeti tells her that Sukhwinder is with her with nothing to worry about.

Neeti adds that she stopped caring about Sanju after she lost her baby. She cooked it for him so he sent it to him. Parineet asks her to take care of herself. Later, Sanju is searching for a file in his office. He remembers Ravi’s wedding. He thinks of taking Parineet and Neeti along with him to attend the wedding. He thinks why he is thinking lot about Parineet. Once Neeti gets a baby she will be happy. Sanju tries to contact Neeti but her phone is not reachable. He wishes to inform Parineet about it. Later, Neeti thinks that she shouldn’t have done like this to snatch her happiness from her. Neeti’s conscience comes there and advises her. She reminds her how much she sacrificed for her. Neeti shares her grief with her. She asks her what will happen to her baby if something happens to Parineet. Her conscience humiliates her and mentions her as selfish. Neeti shouts in frustration.

Parineet is stuck in the traffic. Sanju calls her at that time. Parineet informs her about the wedding and asks her to return home. He asks her to get ready. So let’s attend the wedding together. Parineet asks him to attend the wedding with Neeti. She will join him later. Sanju adds that she was upset about whatever happened recently, so he wishes to bring back her smile. She thanked him for caring about her.

Episode end

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