Pandya Store 7th April 2023 Written Update

The Episode starts with a constable coming. Shivank says don’t worry, constable Singh will help us in withdrawing money and going to the hospital. Dev asks really and hugs him. Suman says ask Prerna to handle the kids. They all leave. Rishita says I really have to sell my kidney, I want the money right now. The man says no, give the kidney first and get the money. She says no, my daughter’s life is in danger, I want 25 lakhs. He says no, I can give 15 lakhs. She says its less. He says 18 lakhs final, wait for me, I will get the money. She says I know organ smuggling is wrong, I will give him to the police when everything gets fine.

Krish gets the money withdrawn. Dev and Gautam thank Singh. Suman blesses Singh. The man gives the money to Rishita and asks her to come. She says I will deposit the money first. She goes and gives the money at the counter. She fills the form. Nurse asks Dhara to change. Dhara asks did my family pay the money. Nurse says I don’t know. Dhara says I have to talk to my family. Nurse insists her to come fast.

Dhara is injected. She is taken for the operation. She thinks no one has come from the family. Rishita calls Dev and says I have arranged money by selling my kidney. He asks what, did you go mad. She ends call. Dev tells this to everyone. Suman asks what. The man asks Rishita to come. Rishita asks where shall I come, where is the patient. He says operation will happen in another hospital. Natasha cries for Shweta. Rishita bites the man’s hand and runs to Natasha. She says I m with you, don’t get scared. Natasha says call Shweta. The man says don’t pass time, come with me.

Dhara thinks of the family. Dev and everyone reach the hospital. Rishita says I m not refusing, leave my hand, don’t take me outside, I have to be with my daughter. The man says I have given you money, I will do this work. Dev sees Rishita and runs to save her. He asks the man to leave her hand. She asks why did you come now, you couldn’t arrange money for my daughter, I will sell my kidney and save her. Suman asks did you lose your mind. Rishita says I had just one way, go now. She shouts on Dev.

Natasha refuses for the operation. Nurse asks her to calm down, she will get fine. Shivank sees a money recovery agent and worries. He hides his face. He says I have to give money to Ganpath. He runs away. The man says I have given her money, who are you. Krish and Gautam scold him. Dev says leave her hand. Rishita says I will manage, get away. The man says your daughter is getting treated because of me. Dev, Gautam and Krish beat him.

She stops them. Dev says Krish is giving the money, there is curfew, so we couldn’t get money in time, Dhara is giving kidney legally, you are doing a crime, I won’t let you do this. Natasha cries and runs away. Doctor checks Dhara’s vitals. Natasha refuses for the operation. The man runs away. Krish, Dev and Gautam run after him. Rishita goes to Natasha and says Shweta can’t come, she isn’t her real mum, she had kidnapped Natasha and she is now in jail, I m her real mum. Natasha says you aren’t my mum. Nurse says Dhara is in OT, Natasha isn’t there, who will take the responsibility if it gets late. Natasha runs. Nurse goes to stop the doctor and says Natasha’s operation didn’t start. Doctor says we have started the operation here, you have to convince Natasha, we are getting Dhara’s organ, if the kidney transplant doesn’t happen in time, then two lives will be under risk, I will talk to Natasha’s doctor. Gautam asks Shivank to catch that guy. Shivank acts and asks the man to run away. The man points gun at him. Shivank says you shoot them, not me. Gautam says I m going ahead. The man shoots. The wooden sticks fall over the man. Shivank says I don’t want to beat you, please I have to do this. The bullet touches his arm. He beats the man and scolds him.

Gautam says he is really a superhero, kids are right. They praise Shivank. Gautam asks are you fine. Shivank says I m fine. Dev says thanks. Krish calls the police and informs about the man doing organ trafficking. Gautam says you are really a superhero. Shivank gets happy. Gautam says thanks. Shivank says Dhara is in OT, we should focus on Natasha’s operation, take this, have grapes and get energy. Gautam says you need energy, you eat it. Police comes and arrests the man. Gautam thanks the inspector. They rush to the hospital. Natasha doesn’t listen to anyone. Everyone tries to convince her. She asks for Shweta.

Precap: Rishita asks Krish to get Shweta, Dhara can land in danger. Nurse says sorry, doctor is trying his best but there is less hope.

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