Pandya Store 6th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Pandyas learn Natasha’s kidney issue

Pandya Store 6th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suman calling Chiku. She asks him to go with Prerna. He says sorry, I won’t come in your room, don’t make me leave the house. She says I m not punishing you, but just go. He asks her to punish Shesh and Mittu also. She says they aren’t in danger, just go. She asks Prerna to book tickets. She gives money. She asks Prerna to call Krish home. Prerna asks her not to worry.

Shweta says promise me, I will be Natasha’s mum. Dhara refuses. Shweta says I think you don’t love Chiku, if you want Chiku to call you mum, then promise me. She promises herself from Dhara’s side and says thanks, you are so good. Rishita runs and goes to see Chutki. Chiku comes there. Dhara wipes the board. Shweta says what a timing, he loves you a lot. Chiku hugs Dhara and says I won’t go anywhere, Prerna…. Dhara asks what. Shweta asks what is he saying. Dhara and Krish take him. Shweta says I didn’t tell him anything, was he telling about Prerna, they are playing some game. Gautam consoles Rishita.

Chiku says Suman said I have to leave you and go with Prerna, I don’t want to go. Shweta goes to ask Chiku. Dhara scolds her and sends her away. Shweta goes to talk to doctor. Dhara says I will talk to Suman, Shweta shouldn’t know that you have seen Prerna in the house. Chiku asks who is she. Dhara says we will talk later, Krish will drop you home. She hugs him and pacifies him. Krish asks her to be with Rishita. Chiku says I don’t want to go anywhere. She says you won’t go. He cries. Krish consoles him.

Gautam asks about reports. Doctor says Natasha’s kidneys are damaged, take care of her diet, we have to do a kidney transplant. They are shocked. Shweta says I knew about Natasha’s kidney problem, but no doctor told about the transplant needed. He says you didn’t pay attention to her, you should have started treatment much time before. Rishita angrily slaps Shweta. She says this happened because of you, you are responsible for my daughter’s condition. Shweta pushes her.

Rishita scolds her. She says you all are responsible for my daughter’s condition. She curses Shweta. Gautam says she will get punished. Shweta asks Rishita to stay in senses. She says Natasha is my daughter also. She goes to see Natasha. Rishita says until she is sleeping, let me be with her. Gautam asks when can she get discharged. Doctor says she is stable now, you can take her home.

Shiva and Raavi have food. He refuses to have bread and jam. She lies to him and asks him to be at the store. She says I will get breakfast from home. He says don’t make sandwich again, get breakfast from home, I feel hungry. Prerna wakes up. She goes out. The family brings Natasha home. Suman does tika to her. The kids look on. Suman says Natasha fell sick, what shall we do now. Dhara says we will see what to do, Chutki came back, that is enough for us. She asks Natasha to have food. Shesh says I think Dhara will make Chiku out. Chiku worries. Dhara asks Rishita to feed Natasha. Natasha says no, you are bad aunty. Shweta says she doesn’t eat food by stranger’s hands. Dhara holds Rishita. Rishita gets angry. Dhara says maybe Natasha doesn’t want to have sweets, I will make soup. Chiku says mum never fed me food by her hands since many days, she wants to make Natasha have soup.

The Pandyas play holi and enjoy. Dhara says we will celebrate holi together after 7 years. Rishita says I will tell Natasha that I m her real mum. Dhara says I will tell Chiku that Shweta is his real mum.

Update Credit to: Amena

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