Pandya Store 4th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Natasha falls sick

Pandya Store 4th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Prerna waking up and going to get water. The kids reach Natasha to scare her. They hear some sound. Shweta comes there and sees Natasha sleeping. She doesn’t see Prerna. Dhara wakes up and looks for Prerna. Shweta sees Prerna and says Prerna…. Dhara comes and gets shocked. She asks Prerna to go. Prerna runs. Dhara asks where is Prerna. Shweta says she is there. Dhara asks her to go to room and sleep. Shweta says sorry. Dhara asks where is my Krish. Shweta says I know, you are playing a game with me, I have seen Prerna, Krish is not in my room, something is wrong. The kids wake up Natasha and scare her. Shweta goes and looks for Prerna. Prerna hides. Shweta says I have seen her. Dhara says you might be dreaming, you are a wrong person. Natasha shouts. Dhara, Rishita and Dev hear her, and run to see.

The kids run and hide. Dev stops Rishita. Everyone comes. Natasha says stay away. Dhara asks what happened. Chiku says we are gone now. Shweta falls asleep in the kitchen. Prerna comes and says keep sleeping. Gautam sees the kids and scolds them for troubling Natasha. Suman says you all scared Natasha. She asks Dhara to beat them. Dhara says I won’t repeat the mistake. Rishita argues and says you aren’t beating them because of Chiku.

Natasha says my stomach is aching, call my mumma. Rishita says she is here. Gautam asks where is Shweta. Krish sees Prerna. Natasha says call mumma, she has my medicine. Prerna goes. Dhara goes to call Shweta. She tries to wake up Shweta. Prerna gets the medicine box from Shweta’s bag. Dhara says wake up, Chutki is ill. She worries.

Dev gets sad. Suman consoles her. Gautam says we should take her to hospital. Natasha says you are a bad aunty and even your kids are bad. Rishita cries. Prerna gets the medicines and says Shweta is sleeping. Rishita asks Natasha about the medicines. Natasha says ask mumma, she knows it. Dhara splashes a bucket of water on Shweta’s face.

Shweta gets up and coughs. Dhara says Chutki is sick, get up, something will happen to her. Dev and Krish check the medicines. Krish asks Natasha to look carefully, which is her medicine. Natasha throws the box and says call my mumma. Dhara cries and asks Shweta to tell the medicines. Krish says we are taking Chutki to hospital. Dhara says Shweta isn’t waking up, I had put water on her. Krish, Dev and Gautam take Natasha to hospital. Rishita scolds the kids.

Dhara says I told you, you are the eldest, make sure nothing wrong happens, when you didn’t love your siblings, why did you call them here. Chiku says sorry. Dhara scolds him. Chiku says I love my brothers and want them to stay with me always, but Natasha isn’t our sister. Dhara says she is your sister, remember this. She scolds Shesh and Mittu also. She asks them to stay with Dadi. She says Prerna, our lives are surrounded with drama, don’t add anything, stay in my room, don’t come out. Prerna nods. Dhara thinks how will we hide the matter from Shweta now, even the kids have seen Prerna. Shweta gets up and says Prerna….

Rishita blames Shweta. Doctor says Natasha can die if the kidney transplant doesn’t happen in one week. Shweta argues with them.


Update Credit to: Amena

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