Pandya Store 19th March 2023 Written Update: Sweta makes the Pandya Kids confused

In today’s episode, Chiku thanks the guy in super hero costume for saving them. He says that he sent the earlier adress to his mom. The guy asks for his mother’s number. He discovers it’s Dhara’s number and cuts the call. Dhara sees missed call and tries to call on the number but the number appears switched off. She thinks it must be Chiku. She prays for her kids’ safety. The guy say that he has to leave to save other kids. The kids request him to stay back otherwise monster will come again. He says that their mother will arrive before that. The kids hug him. He convinces them and goes away.

Gautam, Dhara, Dev, Rishita and Prerna search for the kids. The kids wonder what to do now. They all miss their mothers and wish to return home. They decide to return home. The guy in super hero costume removes his mask. The guy in monster costume approach him. He questions him for fighting with him after losing his money in gambling. He asks him to forgive him as he will return all his money. He says it’s 4th time, this time he won’t spare him and assigns him some household chores as punishment. The kids plan to contact home through someone’s number. They find Sweta. She says that she is not Natasha’s mom.

Natasha asks her to not say this. Chiku asks who is Natasha’s mom. Sweta says that Chiku’s mom is basically Natasha’s mom. Chiku gets shocked. Chiku recalls Dhara’s words regarding Natasa and gets heartbroken. Chiku asks who is his mom. Sweta says that Rishita is his mom. Sesh gets agitated and says it’s impossible. Mithu says that his mother is none else except Ravi. Sweta says, Dhara is Natasa’s mom, Rishita is Chiku’s mom and Sesh is an orphan. Sesh gets heartbroken and cries. He recalls how Rishita always scolds him. Mithu learns that Raavi and Shiva are his real parents only. The kids say that they are confused.

They ask Sweta about her identity. Sweta says that she is their favourite aunty who loves them a lot. She asks them to accompany her. Dhara spots Sweta in a auto with the kids and try to stop her. She runs behind the auto. Suman learns from Raavi that the kids are not yet found. Dhara takes a auto and follows Sweta’s auto. Dhara contacts Krish and informs him that Sweta is trying to abduct the kids. She vows to not spare Sweta this time. Krish says that they are coming and asks her to not cry. She asks Krish to note down the number of Sweta’s auto. Dhara calls Rishita and shares the same information.

Rishita says that they will catch Sweta soon. Dhara almost catches Sweta’s auto and call the kids. The kids don’t reply. Dhara wonders why the kids didn’t reply if Sweta had manipulated them already. Rishita spots Sweta’s auto too. Sweta reaches Pandya house with the kids and asks the kids to get down. Rishita confronts her. Sweta says that she has other important work than arguing with Rishita. The kids tell that they are hell confused. Sweta says that their parents are all liars and asks them to start the question answer session already. Pandya family returns home.

The episode ends.

Precap – Chiku pushes Dhara. Sesh says that they all are bad. Pandyas get shocked. Sweta becomes happy. The kids hug her. Dhara challenges Sweta saying that she will turn the table by the next morning

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