Pandya Store 17th March 2023 Written Episode Update: The kids meet a superhero

The Episode starts with Chiku signing Shesh. They put the marbles and make the lady fall. They run. Rishita looks for the kids. She says you should have got a car. Dev asks how shall I get it. He gets a cycle and asks her to come soon. Rishita and Prerna also sit on the cycle. Natasha says everyone will know that I m a pastry thief. Chiku asks Shesh not to get angry, and just run. The lady comes. Suman asks them to go and look for the kids. Dhara asks how shall we go leaving Shiva. Suman says I m here, just go and find the kids. Dhara says I won’t go leaving my sick son here, I trust my family, they will find the kids. Gautam nods. Dhara says I won’t leave Shiva and go. Raavi says I also trust my family, they will find my Mittu. Suman says its fine. Shweta asks where did Krish go, I m his wife. She sits tired. The kids run and enter a cemetary. The lady and the bakery owner come there. They ask the kids to come out. The lady asks the man to go inside. He says no, you go inside. She says no, I can’t go, you go. The kids make ghostly sounds and scare them. The lady and the bakery owner run away. Mittu asks where did we come. The kids turn and see the cemetary. Shesh says I think its maths tuition centre. Mittu says I feel scared, we should go from here. Shesh says that uncle and aunty will catch us. Natasha says I have done many episodes, even then they didn’t identify me. Rishita asks the bakery owner for the kids. The man says they are useless kids. Rishita says they are our kids. The man scolds them. She says do anything, but tell us where are the kids. The man says they came to eat the pastries for free. Prerna pays the money and asks for the kids. The man says four kids came here, a girl was with them. Rishita hugs him and thanks. She says four kids are together. The man says they ran into a cemetary. Rishita says they would be scared. Dev says they don’t know what cemetary means, we will find them, come.

A masked superhero breaks the wall and enters there. The kids are shocked. They see an evil monster and run away. They ask the superhero to save them. They hide. The super hero asks them not to cry, else the monster will eat them. Natasha says go and fight him. Super hero says I have to think first how to fight with him. He fools the monster. The monster goes. Natasha thanks the super hero for saving them. Super hero says welcome kids, monsters get after the kids and then super hero has to come to save the kids, stay with me if you want to get saved, don’t shout come. They come out of the cemetary. He says I will drop you to a safe place, come.

Gautam and Krish come to the cemetary and look for the kids. Krish says Rishita said they are here. Gautam says we will ask that man. They wake up a man and asks about the kids. The man is drunk. Krish asks where are they. The man doesn’t answer. Gautam says he is a drunkard. He takes them to the pit and says the kids were here. Gautam and Krish asks were they here. The man says yes, I saw the kids inside, they were hiding. Gautam says he has gone mad. Krish sees the footsteps. He says kids’ footsteps, they were here. Kids are with their super hero.

Precap:  The kids miss their mothers. Shweta says I will take you to your real mothers. Dhara says this time, I will give a solid answer to Shweta.

Update Credit to: Amena

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