Pandya Store 15th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Shiva recalls the past

The Episode starts with Shiva getting shocked seeing Shweta. She laughs. He recalls the past incident. Shweta wishes happy holi and dances. He gets angry and plays the dhol. Krish worries seeing Shiva’s anger. The dhol breaks. Shweta falls over the dhol and asks what happened, why did you stop playing the dhol. Shiva shouts Shweta. Krish is shocked. Chiku cries and recalls his moments in the house. Shiva goes to Shweta. Krish asks him to leave her. Dhara and Rishita come there. They shout Shiva. Dev also comes and stops Shiva. Shiva says she has our Chutki, where is Chutki. Rishita says stop Shiva. She scolds Shweta. Shweta asks why is he so excited, I m not so beautiful. Shiva says I will kill you. She says I will send you to jail. Shiva asks where is Chutki, Dev she took our Chutki. He screams and faints down. Everyone worries.

Chiku packs his bags. He says my mum isn’t my mum, I m leaving the house. Shesh says I m also tired, my mum doesn’t love me, like I m not her son, she loves Natasha. Mittu says I also have sorrow, mum scolds me and dad forgets that I m his son, I don’t have bag with me. Chiku says I have a extra bag, go and get your clothes. Shesh comes and says we will go. Everyone runs to Shiva and cries. Shweta says he fell down. She asks shall I get water. Dhara gets angry. She slaps Shweta and asks why did you come in front of Shiva. Shweta says very bad, does anyone do this. Krish says leave her, we will take Shiva to hospital. Dhara calls Prerna and asks her to find the kids. She says I m taking Shiva to hospital. Natasha comes and sees the boys packing their bags.

Chiku recalls his moments. They take the marbles. Natasha stops them and asks them to take her along. Chiku says you always get us punished, we will not take you. The kids leave. Shiva gets treated in the hospital. He recalls Shweta. Raavi and Suman worry. Doctor says we can’t tell anything till we do the tests, I can just say this sign isn’t good. He asks nurse to admit Shiva in ICU and send the test reports. He asks the family to stay outside. Natasha goes after the kids. Chiku asks why are you coming after us. Natasha says my mumma isn’t mine, like yours, I m also upset with my mumma, I don’t want to stay here. Mittu asks who is your mummy. She says I don’t know. They all take Natasha along. Prerna looks for the kids. Chiku and kids hide from her.

Precap: A lady sees the kids and says I will feed you the food. Rishita says all the kids are missing, I m worried. The lady catches the kids.

Update Credit to: Amena

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