Pandya Store 10th April 2023 Written Update: Gautam apologizes to Dhara

The Episode starts with Shweta entering the ward to see Natasha. Nurse scolds Shweta and asks her to go out. Shweta obliged. At the Pandyas’ house, Shiva questions Suman. Shiva asks who is Rishita, why does she call Natasha her daughter and why does Raavi live in Ahmedabad and not with Dev. Rishita and Dev hear this. They don’t want Shiva to know the truth and he too ends up in the hospital. So, Dev lies to Shiva that Rishita is his friend’s sister and that she is mentally unstable. She calls other people’s children her own. Shiv asks about Raavi. Suman says that Raavi is the daughter-in-law of this house and ends the conversation.

Gautam approaches an unconscious Dhara and apologizes to her for not caring and supporting her in the past seven years. He breaks down in tears. He asks Dhara to wake up and return home. The next morning, Rishita happily goes to the hospital to see Natasha. Tears well up in his eyes seeing Shweta with Natasha. The latter asks Shweta not to leave him. Shweta promises him that she will not do this. Rishita brings Chiku to the stream. Cheeku cries seeing Dhara unconscious. He says Dhara is his mother. He will not go anywhere leaving her. He asks Dhara to wake up. Later, Cheeku cries remembering Dhara. Shesh asks if Dhara is not dead. Cheeku says Dhara is only unconscious and she will get well soon. Mithu misses Raavi.

Rishita requests Shweta to let her meet Natasha as well and hugs her. Shweta says she will try. Rishita happily hugs Shweta while thanking her. Suman and Prerna prepare to welcome Natasha. Shweta, Pandya and Natasha return home. Shweta asks Natasha to go inside with Pandya. But the latter asks Shweta to come with them. She takes the aarti plate from Prerna’s hand and welcomes Natasha back home. Shweta smiles seeing Prerna. The children meet Natasha and ask how she is. Natasha says she is fine but is feeling tired. The children make him sit.

Prerna is shocked when Rishita asks Shweta to come into the house. Natasha refuses to sleep in Rishita’s room and insists on sleeping in Shweta’s room. Rishita agrees. Shweta says that there should not be any other stuff in her room. Rishita asks Prerna to remove her belongings from the room. Inspiration compels. Shiv inquires about the whereabouts of Gautam. Krish says he asked Gautam to come home, but he refused.

Remembering Shweta’s words, Prerna packs it back. Shweta reaches there with Natasha. She tells Prerna that she just threw her out of this room, soon she will throw her out of this house. Gautam returns home drunk. He says that all of them including Suman are guilty of Dhara for ill-treating Dhara.

Episode Ends

Precap: Gautam is on the road. He prays to God to take his life if he wants to, but save Dhara. Suddenly a truck hit Gautam. Krish calls Dev and tells him that Gautam has met with an accident. Dev and Suman get shocked knowing this.

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