Pakkhi Hegde opens up on why she turned down the opportunity for ‘Anupamaa’

MUMBAI :Pakkhi Hegde, who is known for her work in Hindi and Bhojpuri entertainment industry, shared that she was offered the famous daily soap ‘Anupamaa’. She also spoke about why she turned it down.

Sharing about the offer and the unfortunate reason behind dropping ‘Anupamaa’, Pakkhi said: “I have been offered great shows in the past and one of them was, ‘Anupamaa’, the decision I did not take a TV show was only because of the time and commitment. I was having back-to-back films and also the shoot of the TV show ‘Rajjo’, while ‘Anupamaa’ was then told that it will be shot in Naigaon (village in the Palghar district of Maharashtra) which is far.”


She is also widely known for her lead stint as Madhumalti Pratap Thakur in the daily soap ‘Rajjo’.

She elaborated on what made her say no to such an opportunity: “Travelling would have been time-killing for me. And also, television demanded so much time, and I had already made commitments for films. Taking up the job for 30 days was the only hitch I had. I wanted something exciting, which ‘Anupamaa’ was, but it didn’t work out for a few reasons and I couldn’t give up on the films. But, I finished shooting ‘Rajjo’, which did well.”


Pakkhi also opened up about her interest in exploring both the mediums, TV and films: “The process I enjoyed the most, no doubt will be while acting in films as it has its charm. Television is an everyday medium which requires a dedicated time frame, it also has its pros and cons.”

“However, I enjoy doing TV and films both as TV gives vast recognition amongst every household audience, and it’s also an everyday job, whereas films are much more discrete and classy, also you have more scope in films because of which my liking for films will never go away. So to be honest I can’t select any one , I enjoyed both the process,” she concluded.



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