Namik Paul is totally unrecognisable in a Sardar look for Zee TV’s Lag Ja Gale


MUMBAI: Zee TV has been a trendsetter in shaping television content over the past three decades. Having narrated several stories that have resonated beautifully with audiences, the channel recently launched the story of an unlikely couple brought together by the most unusual circumstances and their family dynamics. Set in Delhi, Lag Ja Gale follows the journey of Shiv (Namik Paul)- an affluent, self-made young hotelier, and Ishani (Tanisha Mehta), a hard-working girl who juggles between multiple odd jobs as the sole breadwinner for her middle-class family. The story will explore how the two of them choose to come together in marriage for the sake of their siblings despite multiple misunderstandings and misgivings!

The latest track of Lag Ja Gale, saw the resentful Shiv trying to steal Ishani’s secret recipe in a cooking competition after donning Sardar’s avatar. However, as he gets close to the stealing he realizes that it is ethically wrong and against everything that he stands for, so he backs out. Everyone has been raving about Shiv’s avatar and how he got into the character of a turban clad so well that no one could doubt him. And clearly, Namik did a lot of hard work to get the nuances of the look right. And since the time Namik surfaced these pictures on social media, his fans have been very impressed with him!


Namik Paul mentioned, “Our creative team experimented with multiple looks for this particular scene, but the Sardar look suited me best. Wearing the turban made me feel special and I did enjoy donning this avatar. However, whenever I was trying to deliver my dialogue, my mustache was falling off in between the shots (laughs). Being an actor, we go through loads of changes every day based on what the script demands, but I think that’s what we enjoy, the constant change. And now that I have experienced it, I can say that It is not easy to act with a fake mustache and beard. I am an actor who is always up for challenges and I will always give my 100% to entertain my viewers.”

Well, we all are definitely loving Namik in this Punjabi look. Aren’t we?


While Namik is really happy acing the turban look, it will be interesting for the viewers to watch how Ishani will save her baba’s (maternal uncle) food joint.  Will Shiv like the food order made by Ishani? Or will he break this exchange deal altogether?

To know what follows next, tune into Lag Ja Gale every day at 6:30 pm only on Zee

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