Naagin Season 6 8th April 2023 Written Update

The Episode starts with Imposter Prarthana coming to the jewellery store and asks Raghu to show a necklace to her. She then asks Salesman to show necklace to her, and then slaps him hard. She breaks the glass of the table and then throws the bangles down and goes out. Raghu gets shocked and tries to confront her. She goes out and thinks it is fun. She says nobody knows what twist will come in this story and what twisters. She then makes snakes come out of her hands, and takes Prarthana’s avatar and kill them. Raghu sees it and says you said that you didn’t kill them. Imposter says she likes to kill them and calls him pati dev. Raghu goes upset. Mrignaini comes there and asks what you are doing here? The imposter says there is something in Raghu. Mrignaini says if you come again infront of Raghu then he will find out about you. She asks her to go and kill Naina and says she will bring Purvika.

Prarthana is in the temple and prays to Shiv ji. She asks him to bless the rudraksha so that she can tie to her daughter’s hand and then nothing will happen to her. She prays to Shiv ji and takes back the bracelet. She comes home and thinks she will not wear it from my hand, but will wear it from Raghu’s hand. She takes Raghu’s avatar and makes purvika wear the bracelet. Raghu comes there and sees himself. Prarthana takes her avatar. He asks why you have taken my avatar. Prarthana says she don’t want to say. Raghu says you have broken stuff in my store, and then killed the snakes. Prarthana says imposter has done this, like I took your avatar. She says she will hate him with the same intensity as she loved him. He thinks you are wrong, then also I have to do puja with you. They come to the temple. Param asks Gautam and Sonia about Naina. They tell that he shall not see her before marriage. Pandit ji asks Raghu to fill her maang with sindoor. Raghu fills her maang with sindoor. Prarthana smiles as they do aarti together. Meher tells Purvika that angry sweet aunty is good, don’t fight with her. Mrignaini comes there to kidnap Purvika. Manjeet calls Meher and the latter goes. Mrignaini comes near Purvika as snake. Inspector Vijay comes to the temple. Prarthana prays to God to protect Purvika. Mrignaini couldn’t come near Purvika. Inspector Vijay compliments Suwarna. Pandit ji blesses Prarthana that both her daughter shall be with her always. Raghu says our one daughter died after birth. Prarthana asks Purvika to come and distribute the clothes to the poor. Purvika doesn’t go with her.

Meher asks Prarthana if she can help her. Prarthana says yes. Meher asks Purvika to help her. Purvika looks at her bangles. Mrignaini thinks what stopped her, and sees rudraksha in her hand. She comes to the lab angrily. The imposter Prarthana asks what happened? Mrignaini tells everything. The imposter tells that she will bite her and then her poison will spread in her body and she will become like their snakes, who will be in her control. She bites Laddoo, and she becomes snake. They ask her to go and bring Purvika. Laddoo comes home. Raghu and Prarthana are worried for her. Raghu asks where did she go? Laddoo says she is not answerable to them. Prarthana scolds her for not coming to the temple and tells that Param and his family waiting for you in the temple. Naina asks Purvika to come with her. Prarthana says Purvika has to eat food and sleep. She comes to room and thinks Panditji blessed both her daughters and think if she is alive. She imagines Raghu helping her, to take off the jewellery. Raghu comes there. Prarthana asks him to sleep on the bed and she will sleep on the sofa. They argue. Prarthana says she don’t want to sleep on the bed, as he snores a lot. He says you don’t want to sleep on bed as you take a lot of space. They lie down on the bed. Prarthana teases him.

Later in the night, Prarthana records Raghu’s snoring and goes out to drink water. Naina comes to Purvika’s room and kidnaps her. Prarthana comes to the room and finds Purvika missing. She prays to Shiv ji and asks him to show where is her daughter. She sees a girl taking her in the bag. She goes there and hits Naina/Laddoo but doesn’t see her face. Naina drops the bag. Prarthana catches it and opens the bag. She sees Purvika. Naina attacks Prarthana as snake. Prarthana is shocked and emotional. She falls down and faints. Naina walks away with Purvika. She comes to lab and tells the imposter that she has brought Purvika. She tells her that you can do your work. Imposter and Mrignaini come to the chair and finds it is dummy and not Purvika. Naina comes there and she turns out to be Shesh naagin Prarthana. Prarthana says she wants to see the face of that betrayal. Mrignaini thinks she can’t see my face. Prarthana attacks the imposter and Mrignaini. She sees Mrignaini’s face and gets shocked. She asks why she is betraying Raghu. Mrignaini tells that she is Shesh Naag’s daughter, but Raghu came and got everything. Prarthana asks why you want to get Purvika. Mrignaini says for a big mission and tells that you have saved Purvika, but how you will save Naina, as she will die very soon. Prarthana is shocked. Mrignaini says you can’t harm me and goes.

Prarthana comes to Purvika. Raghu doesn’t let her touch her and blames her for their daughter’s death. Prarthana says my one daughter is dead and tells that even she felt the pain of losing her. She tells him everything and says Mrignaini is behind Purvika. Mrignaini says Prarthana came to know about us. The imposter says we need Purvika’s poison as it is very powerful as it has the power of Shesh Naag and Shesh Naagin union. She says we have to get Purvika else our sardaar will kill us.

Raghu asks if you are in your senses and says Mrignaini and Suwarna had given love of a mother to Purvika. Prarthana tells whatever Mrignaini does with Naina, and takes her to her room, but Naina appears to be fine. Mrignaini comes there. Naina thanks her for helping her so much in her marriage arrangements. Just then some thorny ball falls down on Raghu, but Mrignaini saves him and acts to be concerned. Raghu says nothing can happen to me when you are there. He goes. Mrignaini asks Prarthana, how she will save Naina who will become their snake very soon. Prarthana says she will not let this happen.

Precap: Mrignaini tells Imposter that someone gets attracted to Prarthana. A guy comes infront of prarthana. He says neither women nor men can kill me. Prarthana and Raghu unite to become one, to kill him.

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