Naagin Season 6 5th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Naagin Season 6 5th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Prarthana telling that she is going back to her Samadhi. Professor asks her to stop, and asks her to see that all the religions’ religious Guru have come here. He tells her that about the snakes who were made in lab, killing people, and asks her to fulfill her father’s dream and Mother’s trust. Prarthana tells that she will come for 4 days just, and asks him to seek her help just for 4 days. The snake lady is walking on the busy road. She becomes small green snake and bites a man. People gather there to check him. The snake women smile. Meher collides with the snake woman. She looks at them and asks why are they trying to scare a small girl. She runs away from there and shows the naagin pichkari to her Papa ji. She is Prarthana and Raghu’s daughter, whom the latter thought dead and left her in the river. Prarthana is shown in reference to her. Papa ji calls her Rabdi Meher and calls her his house Raunaq. She says you should have named me raunaq. She goes to show the naagin pichkari to her mother. Her Papa ji goes to the medical store. His son scolds him for leaving the store. Papa ji asks if you are my son, or I am your son. A lady comes there and asks him to give medicine for cold, cough. His son gives her medicine and asks her to give 220 Rs. She says I have just 100 Rs. Papa ji says holi discount and gives her medicine. His son tells him that he shouldn’t have given her discount in the name of holi discount. Papa ji tells him that he shall have humanity. He says you will lose from Mamma’s saree store. He says no problem, if I will lose then she will win. Meher’s mother Manjeet kaur is showing the sarees to the customers. The customer tells that her bahu is like Disha patani and asks her to show saree to her which suits her. Meher comes there and asks them to show the saree which Kiara Advani worn for her sangeet and also show Katrina kaif saree. She asks the lady to buy saree for her. The lady agrees to guy. Dadi says Meher is a good salesgirl, don’t know from where she got this talent. Manjeet gets sad. Dadi tells that Manjeet was not having children, when she found Meher, she gave birth to Ballu. Manjeet says she is my Raunaq and tells that the mother is very unfortunate to lose her.

Professor comes to Prarthana and asks if she is crying. Prarthana says no, all the emotions have died in me. He tells about the attack tomorrow, on holi day. He says what the enemies will get by spreading terror. Prarthana calls anti terrorist unit and tells that many terrorist attacks are going to happen tomorrow. The professor says you have called from my phone, now they will catch me. Prarthana says she had already thrown his sim, and tells that she made a call so that she can stop people from coming out of their houses. She comes to the naag mahal and calls all the naags and naagins, says Shesh naagin is calling you.

She asks the Shesh naagins to spread in the city, so that the people don’t leave from their house. She says you shall protect them. The naags and naagins refuse to help Prarthana and tells that because of you, Shesh Naag has lost this child, and you have turned your face away from naag lok. Prarthana says even I have lost my daughter and asks them to tell Shesh naag that she doesn’t need them. She attacks them. All of them run away from there. Prarthana comes to the river and recalls Raghu keeping their daughter in the basket and sending in the river. She asks the river to show her the way to Naag lok, else she will drink all the water of Yamuna and will empty it. Just then she sees two girls and hugs them, but it is their imagination. Professor comes there and says I knew that you will come here, you can’t forget that night easily. Prarthana gets angry and says don’t have pity on me. She says I don’t care what had happened that night. Professor says you can lie to me, but not to yourself. She asks him to keep his lecture to himself.

Both Manjeets are going home. A lady calls Manjeet and they turn. The lady says she is calling her son. They praise each other and hug. Meher and Ballu hug them. Meher’s mother asks Dadi to come. She then makes her husband taste rasgulla. He says it is very good. She says you never complains. He says it is very wonderful. She asks him to sell saree and earn 200 percent profit. Her husband says who comes to buy headache medicine, husbands. His wife tells that wives comes to get medicine for stomach ache, as they can’t digest their husbands behavior. Meher shows the news to Papa ji and asks how they will celebrate holi. Papa ji says our mohalla is safe, we can celebrate holi. The guy asks Supreet Bua ji to open the shop so that he can buy saree for his girlfriend. Professor tells Prarthana that some mohallas are celebrating holi and shows her the places. Prarthana leaves. The guy who had brought saree, is killed by his girlfriend who turns out to be green naagin.

Meher and her family are celebrating holi. Prarthana comes there and sees everything fine. She is leaving from there. Ballu holds the green snake in his hand, and throws it. Three snakes come there. Everyone gets scared, panic and run. Papa ji tries to save the people. Prarthana closes her eyes and sees him saving the people. She becomes snake and catches all the three snakes, takes them to other place and kills them. She then applies color to her face and is leaving. Meher helps a lady to get up. The lady gets up and leaves. Another green snake come infront of Meher. Prarthana comes there and finds heavy wind. She thinks what could be the reason. Meher picks the green snake in her hand, twists it and throws it on the ground. Prarthana witnesses it surprisingly. Meher shouts Maa, falls down and faints. Prarthana holds her in her hands.

Takshak Naag tells that such things happens, when Shesh Naag or Naagin wakes up after a long sleep. He tells Vasuki that something unusual have happened. Everyone comes there and wishes them happy naag panchami. Mrignaini and Suwarna have a hug. Prarthana holds Meher in her hand and thinks about her daughter. Her parents come there. Papa ji asks Prarthana who is she? Prarthana says she is going from there, when she heard about the snakes. He says you came to help. They hear about the guy Satish who is attacked by the snake. Papa ji asks Prarthana to come to his medical store, and get his injury bandaged. She asks him about the poison in the snakes who bit the people there. He tells that the poison was very dangerous. She asks if it can be made in lab. He says yes and tells that he has done a lot of research on it. meher comes there and asks her to have something. Prarthana refuses. He asks if she doesn’t like children. She says she don’t like children. Meher invites her to her house.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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