Naagin Season 6 4th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Naagin Season 6 4th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Prarthana asking the scientist who is he, and why they are taking poison out from the snake babies. Just then someone pierces poison needle on the scientist and runs away. Prarthana comes out and thinks she has to catch the man and find out, what they are doing with the snake babies. Raghu is also coming there holding the baby and calls Prarthana. Prarthana thinks she shall hide, as the storm is increasing. The scientist comes there and snatches baby from her hand and throws the baby in the river. Prarthana shouts my baby. The baby starts crying. Raghu hears their voice and comes near the sea. He thinks how did the baby fell in the river. He keeps the baby on the side and jumps in the river. Prarthana saves the baby. Raghu also comes there swimming. They bring out the baby from the water and find her death. Prarthana asks what has happened? Raghu says she is dead and says this has happened due to you. He blames her and says your stubbornness brought you here, today we lost her because of you. Prarthana says I am your mother, you can’t leave me. She asks her to get up. Raghu says I told you that we shall go to Naaglok and asks what kind of mother, you are. He says you have killed my daughter, and I don’t want to see your face after today. He leaves. Prarthana says no.

Suwarna says why they didn’t come by now. Mrignaini tells that she might be having pain post pregnancy. Takshak says she has delivered two babies. Suwarna argues with Takshak Naag and tells that they will not come. He says she wanted to be the queen, but he wants Shesh naag to be the king. He says there is a reason for which they both have to handle the naaglok. Vasuki says why they didn’t come. Mrignaina says she got two cradles for her nieces. Takshak naag tells that he can sense that a storm have happened on the earth. He says they love each other, but they have much responsibility on them. He asks God to send Raghu and Prarthana to Naag lok. Raghu comes back holding the basket and keeps baby in it, and leaves the basket in the river. Prarthana says my baby. He takes the other baby whom he has kept on the side, and tells that he is going to Naaglok with his baby. Prarthana says you can’t go like this, don’t separate my daughter from me. Raghu goes in the river water, becomes snake and drowns to go to naag lok. Prarthana jumps in the river and calls Shiv ji, and says you are my truthful God and I am your truthful devotee. She asks why do you keep my loved ones away from me. She says you gave me two daughters and snatched them. She says my life is lifeless now, this pain will be the reason for my live and the lava of anger will never set off. She becomes snake and comes out of the river. The ground crack wherever she walks, the Pandit ji in the temple feels the storm and says big power is angry and this is her anger. He prays to Shiv ji and goes from there.

The reporter is covering the news that the weather suddenly changed. Prarthana is walking and going somewhere. The lady in Gurudwara prays to God and asks if she doesn’t have a child in her life. Her husband asks her to come fast and tells that the weather is bad. She says she will not go without getting blessed for a child. Her husband asks her to trust baba ji and come for now. The lady and her husband are returning, when the driver stops the car and says there is wrong with the tyre. The guy asks her to remember that Doctor said that they will have a child. She says Doctor said that we will not have a baby. He asks her to trust God. She refuses and says she has lost all the hopes. Just then they hear baby’s crying sound. The lady and her husband get down. They find Prarthana’s baby in the basket, whom Raghu assumed to be dead. She is alive and crying. The lady takes the baby in her lap. The husband asks what you will do with her. The guy says the girl has saved from the storm and tells that may be her family is dead. He says they shall go to PS and report the case. The lady says there is nobody here, and tells that God has given them the child. She says she is Rabdi meher. She says she is my Meher. They leave. Prarthana is walking and climbing the mountain. She sits to pray. The lady is happy and says don’t know who is her parents? Her husband says don’t know if they left her or lost her. The lady says she is now our daughter. Prarthana is sitting and the ice from the sky falls on her. Shiv ji’s idol and Nani’s frame is shown. Prarthana gets covered with ice. The professor talks to Jeet’s frame and says Shesh naag and Shesh naagin have left. She says who will save the country now.

5 years later? The guy is in his car and talks to his daughter, who asks did you bring my gift. The guy says ok. The lady stops his car and asks if she can get the lift. He gets down and asks her to sit. The lady turns out to be snake and other snakes come there. They bite and kill them. They come to the pub and kill all the people there.

There is a news that the small snakes are killing the people in the country. There is a talk on the news channel that the snakes are increasing day by day. professor talks to Jeet’s photo and tells his assistant that time has come, what he told Shesh Naagin. They are seen going to the same place, where Prarthana is praying and buried in the rice. He tells the men that the head of all the religions gather every 10 years in kedarnath. He meets them and tells that it is pandemic. A lady says it is a big trouble. Professor says snakes are killing the people, they are not ordinary snakes. H says whenever there is a trouble on the earth, Mahakaal shall come, but he will not come. He says Shiv vardhani will come and save the people. The professor tells that Shesh naagin is in the Samadhi, if she moves even a bit, then the lava will be bursted. He asks them to come with him, and make them see Shesh Naagin’s Samadhi. They think to send the snakes there. Professor says he knows how to bring her back. Namashivay song plays….Professor goes to Shesh Naagin’s Samadhi along with snake charmers who are playing flute. A snake charmer tries to climb the mountain to go there, but he falls down due to the wind. Professor recalls Shesh naagin can be either brought by Shiv ji or by the soil of the country. He thinks he knows what to do? All the aghoris, Pandits, maulvis, and others gather there. The ice moves away from Prarthana’s face and she gets up angrily, as half naagin. She crawls down.

Prarthana sees the painting and everyone. She says I will not return. The assistant tells that she is very beautiful. Other assistant tells that she respects earth and that’s why came. Akash tells Prarthna about the pandemic. Prarthana hits him and tells that she is going back to Samadhi.

Precap: Meher is shown. The lady says her mother is unlucky to lose her. Prarthana says she will go to Naaglok and will bring her daughter back. Raghu is in the naaglok, and the naagin thinks to win his love.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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