Naagin Season 6 1st April 2023 Written Update

The Episode starts with Meher coming to Prarthana’s room and don’t find her. She opens the cupboard and finds her dupatta. She hugs the dupatta and recalls Prarthana singing lullaby for her. She thinks don’t know where is that sweet aunty, nobody is telling where is she? She finds her phone there. Purvika thinks of Prarthana claiming to be her mother. Golu and Molu ask her to have something. Meher calls Purvika. Purvika finds the phone and says it is some yantra. She picks the call. Meher is on the video call and asks her about her mother. Purvika says she is not my mother, she had kidnapped me. Meher asks her to give call to Raghu. She tells him that Prarthana didn’t kidnap Purvika, and she came to her after her kidnapping, and tells that she went to search Purvika and then brought her home. Raghu gets doubtful. Purvika says Maa/Aunty is good. Mrignaini thinks she will not let Raghu believe her. She tells that it is all drama, the girl is concerned for Prarthana and that’s why saying this. She again instigates him against Prarthana. Purvika thinks her mother is bad.

Sonia asks Gautam to enjoy the sangeet. Gautam says he can’t enjoy after whatever Raghu did with her. Sonia says Preeti has hurt my brother. Jeet asks if they shall postpone the wedding. Raghu says no. Meher asks if Prarthana and him have patched up. Raghu smiles. The Inspector asks the snake charmers to be in disguise of waiters and then plate the flutes. Prarthana comes to the sangeet function, and starts dancing. She takes Raghu to dance with him. Purvika says why she came here. Mrignaini and Trisha looks on tensed. Prarthana thinks she has to stop Inspector from knowing naag and naagin truth. For the next song, Prarthana pulls Suwarna and Mrignaini to the dance floor. Trisha joins them. Everyone is dancing. Nachde re saare….The waiters start playing flute to bring the truth of all naag and naagins. Raghu, his sisters and Trisha are standing in the centre of the hall and their skin are turning scaly. Inspector looks at them. Prarthana is standing at the corner and looking at them. Even she is feeling the same. Prarthana says Inspector can’t find out about naag and naagin, when she is here. Raghu and others turn into their naagin costume. Inspector tells that his doubt was real, Naag and Naagin was here. Prarthana takes Shesh naagin’s avatar and starts playing Om Namashivay. The mani light comes out from her navel. Prarthana freezes everyone and makes everything lose their memory. She asks Raghu, his sisters and Trisha to come in their human avatar. She then frees the moment. Everyone start dancing. Prarthana asks them to be alert, as Inspector is still doubtful.

Inspector comes back to the PS and asks other to find out about Raghu. Constable brings Purvika’s sketch and tells him that she told she is Rajkumari, and her father is Shesh Naag and she stays in naag lok. Inspector says he will find out about Raghu and his connection with Naag and naagin. Later Raghu and Suwarna come to the naag mahal. Suwarns talle Naagraj Takshak that Prarthana saved them. Raghu says I would have saved us, even if she had not come. Naagraj Takshak tells that nobody will know about it, as we are Shiv vardani and if anyone comes to know then our it will be insult to Shiv ji.

Inspector comes to Raghu and asks him where was he since 6 years, and says he has flight details of 6 years and says he has neither gone out of India or was in India. He asks where was he? Prarthana comes there and talks in American accent and tells that her father came first, as she has some work. He asks if she saw any snake. She clarifies him that they don’t know any snakes. Param comes there and greets Inspector Ajay, as he is his friend. Prarthana invites Inspector to Laddoo’s wedding. Raghu takes Prarthana to the room and asks what is this drama? Prarthana tells him that someone went out in naagin’s avatar and Inspector Vijay saw it. Raghu blames her for attacking the people. Prarthana tells him that she is not guilty and she will prove this. She tells that she will make place in her heart for her. Raghu says they can’t stay together. Prarthana says even she don’t want.

Prarthana meets Professor, who tells that the people will come to watch the planet. Mrignaini plans with Prarthana’s imposter to attack the people. Prarthana comes to Raghu. He asks her to turn and wears the shirt. Prarthana says it is her room also. She asks Raghu to come with her and tells about the attack which is going to happen. Raghu says if it is your trap. Prarthana asks him to come with her and see the real guilty person. She comes to the kitchen and sees Purvika not liking the food. She thinks to make food for her, and starts cooking. She comes to Laddoo and asks her to give food to Purvika. Laddoo asks her to give and tells that she will be happy. Prarthana says she don’t want to make forced relations. Laddoo gives noodles to Purvika. Purvika asks if it is snake. Laddoo says it is noodles. Purvika eats and likes it. She coughs. Prarthana gives her water. Raghu and trisha come there. Trisha says it has sindana. Prarthana says she didn’t add it in it. Mrignaini gives him medicine. He makes her Purvika have the medicine. Raghu asks Prarthana to stay away from Purvika. Trisha recalls going to the kitchen and adding sindana in it, to trouble Purvika. She thinks I will make you go away from Raghu and Purvika. Prarthana cries and thinks of her moments with her. Mahi re…plays…She recalls Purvika asking her not to come infront of her and Raghu’s words that she can’t become her mother in one day.

Precap: Prarthana tells Raghu that Inspector’s sight is on them, he shall know that they hate each other. Raghu and Prarthana look at each other as the song plays….Inspector Ajay sees the imposter Prarthana and gets shocked.

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