Naagin 6 9th April 2023 Written Update

The episode starts with Prathna going to Naag Mahal. She says to Shiv ji she doesn’t know how to save Naina and Purvika from danger. Takshak comes there and encourages Prathna to fight like her mother and advises her to not lose hope. Prathna asks how she can remove poison from Naina’s body. Takshak says there is one way. She asks what’s it. Takshak says Shesh Naag and Shesh Naagin Sangam will be the solution. Prathna says it won’t happen and says she will see the other way. She leaves. Takshak says Shiv ji will definitely unite them. Mrignaini and Imposter decide to wake up Danshak to remove Prathna from their way.

Takshak returns to Naaglok. Vasuki and Kaliya ask if the problem on Earth is solved. Takshak says the problem will be solved with Shesh Naagin and Shesh Naagin union. Suwarna comes there and says Raghu won’t get united with the killer Prathna. Takshak asks them to see the situation from Prathna’s side. He says Prathna is the protector and she can never become a killer. Suwarna asks how Prathna and Raghu reunite as the reason behind their separation is their dead daughter. Takshak says Shiv ji must have plans to reunite them.

Jeet calls a lawyer and requests him to make them get adoption rights for Meher. He reminds him that it’s been 7 years since he was seeking his help. He disconnects the call. Manjeet says she is worried that someone will take Meher away from her. Meher comes there and says no one will separate her from them.

Ajay calls Suwarna to park to know if she is Naagin or not. He asks his men to the Sarpagandh net on Suwarna to know her reality. Suwarna meets Ajay and gets trapped. Prathna rescues Suwarna from Ajay’s trap and warns her to be careful. Suwarna realizes Prathna is good. She goes to Naagmahal and confronts the Naagin who complained in NaagLok’s Sabha. She is about to get her answers and at that time an unknown person kills the snake by throwing a poisonous dart. Suwarna thinks Prathna is correct and there are many secrets that they need to unveil.

Fake Prathna releases Danshak from his samadhi state. Danshak gets attracted to her. Imposter says to him that she is not happy with Shesh Naag and asks him to take her coming to their place in the evening. He agrees. Fake Prathna comes to her real form I.e Trisha. Trisha says to Mrig that she will get Raghu and Prathna will be out.

Suwarna meets Raghu and informs him about her inquiry and says Prathna is correct. Raghu says this is a big conspiracy and we need to handle it carefully. On another side, Prathna thinks about how to save Naina. Danshak comes there and says to Prathna that he came to take her. Prathna asks who released him and how dare he to talk with her in this way. Danshak says you saved me but I didn’t think you were this much scared of Shesh Naag. Prathna understands it’s a conspiracy of Imposter. She asks him to fight with her. Danshak locks Prathna and stops her from using her powers. Raghu feels Prathna’s pain. He sees what’s happening to Prathna using his power. He rushes to the spot. Danshak is about to abduct Prathna. Raghu comes there and fights with Danshak but he fails to kill him. Raghu and Prathna get shocked. Danshak smiles and reveals neither women nor men can kill me because of the boon I have. Raghu kills him again. He releases Prathna.

Prathna says to Raghu that they can kill him taking Ardanariswar’s form. Danshak says their attempts are a waste as no one can kill me. Prathna and Raghu pray to Shiv ji. They take the Ardanariswar form with the blessings of Shiv ji and kill Danshak. Takshak comes there and chants Sloka and holds his hands in front of them. He says no one can stop Naina from getting healed. He decides to bring Naina there. On another side, Naina gets affected by the poison. She attacks Tina. Tina falls unconscious. Suwarna stops Naina from attacking others. Takshak comes there and takes Naina from there. Suwarna manages the situation and erases Tina’s memory. Takshak takes Naina in front of Ardanariswar. Naina gets healed with their power.

Episode ends.

Precap – Suwarna learns Meher is the daughter of Prathna and Raghu. She informs Raghu and Prathna that their daughter is alive.

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