Naagin 6 19th March 2023 Written Update: Prathna takes Maa Kaali’s form

The Episode starts with Prarthana telling Meher that she hates kids and gets angry. Meher says I just asked for your help, what was the need to shout, and goes from there. Prarthana thinks she can’t stay here, Raghu snatched her daughter and that’s why she can’t connect with any girl, so that she don’t lose her later. Manjeet Kaur asks Jeet to get jewellery for her from Raghu’s new store. Jeet asks her to mortgaged him with Raghu and get jewellery. Manjeet Kaur says now Raghu will not give her anything then. Everyone smiles. Prarthana comes to their Manjeet’s house. Servant informs them that they had gone to the new jewellery store. Prarthana thinks to go there. Pandit ji asks Raghu to ask his wife to sit with him for puja. Trisha is about to sit with him, but Raghu says he has no wife, he will do puja alone. Trisha gets upset and thinks she has become servant here. She keeps the aarti plate near the curtain and goes. The curtain catches fire and all the Store catches fire. Prarthana comes there and sees the store burning. She sets the fire off taking Shesh Naagin’s form. Raghu also takes Shesh naag form and sets off the fire inside. He thinks who sets off the outside fire. Prarthana comes inside and gives the month’s rent to Manjeet and says she has to go somewhere urgently. She goes. Raghu senses her.

The naagin who is helping the scientist tells that their snakes will bring destruction. The scientist asks what about that naagin who is killing our snakes. The Naagin says she has called top 10 snake charmers who will control her. The snake charmers come infront of Prarthana. Prarthana says she will bite them and will kill them. She starts playing just as they play the flute. They throw net on her. Prarthana says I can come out breaking the land, and asks Mahadev to break this net. The net/trap gets broken. Prarthana asks them to try to stop her and says she is Shiv vardhani, Shesh naagin. She makes them fall down.

Suwarna asks Naagraj Takshak, why did he let Shesh naag go to land. She says I was going there, then why did he go? Naagraj Takshak says it was his duty. Just then a naagin comes there and tells that Purvika and other kids are missing. Suwarna says she will go to land to search the kids. Naagraj Takshak stops her and says she can’t leave Naag lok. He says he will find out about Purvika with his powers.

Raghu imagines Purvika asking him about his mother and telling that she will unite them. He finds the girl someone else. Meher tells that Raghu is good and cheered her up mood. They talk about Prarthana who might have cried a lot that her tears are dried. The snakes come there and bite the people on the road in Meher’s locality. Manjeet and Jeet searches for Meher. Meher sees the snake near Purvika and the boys fallen down. She thinks this is the same girl whom she saw last night, and thinks her life is in danger. She comes infront of Purvika and stands facing the snake. Prarthana is walking somewhere. The snake bites Meher. Meher shouts Maa and falls down. Prarthana hears her voice. Manjeet Kaur searches for Meher and finds Ballu. She asks if he saw Meher. Prarthana closes her eyes and sees everything. She comes to Meher and tries to wake her up. She asks her to open her eyes, lifts her to take her to hospital.

Purvika thinks of Raghu worriedly and collides with him. She says everyone is strange here, they shall go back. Raghu asks where is Golu Molu. She says she missed them. Raghu asks her to go to them. She turns and finds that she imagined him. She says I will go and search them.

Raghu’s other sister mrignaini comes to Raghu and asks him to have food. Raghu says he is worried about Purvika. He says he can sense that Purvika and Prarthana both are in danger. Prarthana takes Meher to hospital and asks doctor to check him. Doctor checks her and says she is dead. Prarthana says this can’t happen, check him properly. Doctor says I have checked. Prarthana says you can’t say this, save her right now. The doctor says a poisonous snake had bitten her, she is dead, and I can’t make dead person alive. Prarthana says if you will not save, then someone else will make her fine. She says nothing can happen to Meher and recalls her moments with her. She hugs her and recalls her bad behavior towards Meher. She cries and takes her from there. Manjeet Kaur cries and searches Meher. Jeet finds some other girl dead. He gets worried for his Meher. Purvika finds Golu and Molu, and says I will take you both to Vaid ji, and asks one of them to sit on the cart. She pushes the cart. Manjeet Kaur and Jeet cries for Meher.

Prarthana thinks of Meher, while walking holding her. She hears the temple bell. Suwarna asks Naagraj Takshak why he couldn’t see the trouble coming on the heir of Naag lok. Naagraj Takshak asks him not to misbehave with her. Suwarna orders him to search Purvika, or else get Naagraj Takshak name removed from him. Vasuki asks why is she misbehaving badly with elders. Naagraj Takshak is shocked. He reads in the book and says she has returned as the danger. Suwarna says I will not let her harm Purvika.

Prarthana comes to the temple and tells that the enemies have taken his avatar and doing wrong. The fake snakes have killed this girl too. She says if you can’t give us life then give us dead. She tells Devi Kaali that even she is angry as hates this earth, but whenever I see this girl, I get dragged to her. She says I was going, when her voice stopped me. She says why her voice reached me, why did you call me back on the earth.

Prarthana asks Devi Durga to come in her Rudra avatar and save this girl. She says I had lost my daughter 6 years back, I will not let this happen with any child. She asks her to give her avatar to her, and says Jai Maa Kaali. She takes Shesh Naagin form, and applies kumkum to her forehead and starts dancing. The naag lok faces earth quake there. Ya kaali plays…. Takshak Naag tells that it seems something happened to someone, who was destined the kingdom. Suwarna says it is Purvika who will get the kingdom. She says we shall go to dharti lok. Prarthana takes Maa Kaali Avatar.

Precap: Raghu finds the storm. Prarthana takes Rudra avatar. She kills someone and keeps her leg on Raghu’s chest.

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