Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 28th March 2023 Written Update: Amba fans the flames

The episode starts with Amba asking Vidhi to eat something. She is staying silent. Amba tells her that something is bothering her but she isn’t sharing it with her. Vidhi shares her grief with Amba. Amba feels happy to hear it. Vidhi says to Amba that she was right. Divya is Dev’s daughter. He betrayed her. Amba says to her that Dev was a cheater. She had warned her about it already. She filled her hairline with vermilion in her name for 15 years. Hadn’t he betrayed her? He gets married to Vidhi but he hides such a big truth from her. It’s a betrayal. Vidhi recalls her wedding. Didn’t she go against her family to marry him but he hide the truth from her. Vidhi agrees with her words.

Dev is searching for Vidhi. Dev is lost in his thoughts. He didn’t notice a car approaching him. Abhimanyu saves Dev at the right time. Abhimanyu hugs him emotionally. Dev tells him that he doesn’t know where Vidhi is. Meanwhile, Amba spikes Vidhi’s drink and asks her to drink it. Bimla returns home. Simi asks them if they find out where she is? Bimla and Satyavati pray for Vidhi. Amba created a scene to make Vidhi drink the milk. She drinks it for her. Later, Servant gives a letter to Dev and tells her that someone left this letter for him. Meanwhile, Sharma’s and Raichands got the same letter. That note shared that they had to reach the sugar factory without informing anyone to save Vidhi alive. Bimla says to Hariprasad. Let’s inform Dev about it. Hariprasad says that Dev is her husband. He has all the rights to her but they shouldn’t share it with him.

Satyavati says to Chithra. Let’s inform Dev about it. Chithra tells her that they asked not to share it with others. Abhimanyu says the same to Priya. Meanwhile, Satyavati and Chithra reach the place. Sharma’s reaches there after them. Dev also reaches there. They doubt who is playing with them. Everyone is shocked to see Amba coming there holding a cake in her hand. She wishes a happy birthday to her. Amba asks her if she likes this surprise? She sent those letters to them. Dev asks her. Isn’t she aware of the situation they are facing now? Chithra tells her that Vidhi is missing. How could she arrange this birthday party? Satyavati throws the cake down in anger. She wents out her anger on her. Hariprasad tells her that they are searching for Vidhi. If she knows anything about Vidhi, then share the information with them. Dev asks him not to plead with her. Satyavati demands them leave. Amba says to them that Vidhi is here. Dev asks her. Is she joking again? Amba tells him that she won’t play with his matters. Amba tells him that Vidhi is with her. Dev asks her. Did she kidnap her? Amba calls Vidhi. She comes there. Dev tried to go near her but she stepped back. Satyavati apologies to Vidhi for her mistake. Bimla asks Amba why she is troubling her daughter. Amba says that they are accusing her. But Vidhi will reveal to her who betrayed her.

Episode end

Precap; Amba will accuse Dev Raichand of Vidhi’s state.

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