Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 20th March 2023 Written Update: Vijay annoys Hariprasad

The episode starts with Vidhi listening to the class. She gets a business idea from her lecture. Meanwhile, Hariprasad prays god to bless him to get a new job. Bimla assures him that he will get a new job today. Vijay comes there and says to him what the need is to search for a job outside. He says to him that Milapini Devi’s temple is enough to earn money. Hariprasad doesn’t like his idea and stops him. He says that he was Milapini Devi’s devotee. He doesn’t need money from her temple. Vijay tries to manipulate him. Hariprasad tells him that he is thinking about it in the wrong way. Vijay Babu falls on his feet and apologizes to him. He says that he is a Harichandran. He praises his honesty. Vidhi comes there. Vijay excuses them. Vidhi grows suspicious seeing him there. Vidhi asks him why he is there whenever she visits her. Hariprasad says that he is here to pray.

Yogesh fears to open the door after hearing the calling bell. He thinks about how he will handle Abhimanyu and Dev. Amba asks him to open the door and ask him what happened to him? Yogesh says to Amba that Abhimanyu called him to check his accounts of him. Amba insults him for being careless. She adds that she bought the 25% shares. It’s his responsibility to take the remaining 75% shares. He might have to do something to stop them reaching near them. He shouldn’t allow them to find the truth. She demands him to destroy the evidence. Meanwhile, Hariprasad is busy welcoming guests. Vidhi says to Bimla that he is busy. Vidhi notices a couple praying in a temple. He was about to fall down. Vidhi notices him and offers food to him. He praises the taste of cooking. He adds that he has never tasted such upavas food yet. Vidhi gets an idea after hearing it. Vidhi shares her idea with Hariprasad.

Hariprasad says to her that he doesn’t like the way everyone takes advantage of temples. Urmila tried to take Milapini Devi’s temple donation box. Bimla stops him from informing Vijay. Vidhi adds that there is no store near our temple. All are struggling to buy pooja things. Didn’t he hear that he was hungry? He can start a good store. If he sells this to the devotees who are fasting. It will help them a lot. It will help Hariprasad to earn money too. Bimla asks Vidhi. Is she sure it will help her to do her project well? Hariprasad agrees to help her. Bimla appreciates her idea. Later, Vidhi is doing an oil massage on Dev. She shares with Dev what happened in her class. She narrates her project plan with Dev. Dhamayanthi overhears it. She shows the blue print to Vidhi. Dhamayanthi wishes to inform Priya about it. Vidhi says that many housewives are there, so they will definitely help them. Dev apologized to her for not allowing her to do the job. Vidhi says that she was happy to share a plan with them. Dev appreciates her. Later, Dhamayanthi shares with Priya that Vidhi is going to start a business for Hariprasad using Dev’s money. She is doing it for an MBA. She adds that Vidhi is going to steal money from Raichand’s family. She doubts that Vidhi is behind the misunderstanding between Priya and Abhimanyu. Priya says that she hasn’t looked at it yet. She will do something to kick her out of this house.

Episode end

Precap; Priya will inform Satyavati that Vidhi is starting a business with her parents using an MBA name. Satyavati will ask her if it true? Then she won’t allow her to study MBA. Dev will say to Satyavati that she won’t quit her MBA.

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