Na Umra Ki Seema 7th April 2023 Written Update

The episode starts with Divya revealing the truth to Dev. She says to him that she doesn’t have the right to poke her head into business matters, but Yogesh doesn’t give him the chance. Dev says that he considered him his friend and family. He didn’t expect this from him. Even Vidhi and Yogesh’s wife try to alert him many times. It’s his mistake not to look into this matter yet. Later, Yogesh appreciates Amba’s beauty. He says to her that he was almost caught because of Yogesh. He saw the confidence in her eyes. She will definitely expose him in front of everyone. Amba asks him to go and get exposed in front of everyone. Yogesh gets angry and tells her that she will also fall down along with him if something happens to him. Amba asks him to be at his limit. She says to him that nothing is going to affect her. She adds that Dev didn’t teach him how to talk with the boss. Yogesh tells her that he doesn’t know what to do now. Amba says to him that there are 4 hours left. She just needs 4 hours to change everything.

Hariprasad thanks the neighbours for helping him arrange the parcels. Bimla asks him to call Vijay Babu and demands him to remove this from the temple. Vijay Babu got there before he called him. He takes Hariprasad from there and talks with him alone. Hariprasad lashes out at him for playing with him. Vijay says that he is older than him, so he has the right to scold or beat him. He asks him to beat him. But Vijay slapped him in anger. Bimla is shocked to see it. Later, Dev shouts at his employees. He says that he considers everyone as his family but he can’t allow them to betray him. Abhimanyu asks him why he is shouting like that? He notices Divya there and says that he fired her from the job. She leaked the office details. Dev demands him to check the file and find out who is the real culprit? Abhimanyu is shocked to find Yogesh betrayed them. Dev questions him. Why hasn’t he checked his profile yet? He demands him to call Yogesh there. Yogesh comes there and asks him what’s going on here? Dev beats him in anger.

Vijay Babu lashes out at Hariprasad. He says that he signed the empty document. He is able to push him out of the house. He humiliates him. Vijay threatens them to take the parcel back to its place. Vijay introduces himself as a devotee of Milapini’s Devi temple. Bimla sends the neighbours from there. He demands Hariprasad and Bimla arrange the parcel back. Later, Dev asks Yogesh. Doesn’t he consider him as his family? Then why did he betray him? Yogesh says that he is making fun of him. He never considered him as his family. He was looking down on him and treated him under his feet. Dev says that he doesn’t deserve it either. Because slippers won’t bite their owner back. Dev adds that he said that Divya ruined his personal life. He suspected that someone was behind all this. Amba’s main plan is this. Yogesh helps her. He beats him. Amba comes there.

Hariprasad is agitated. Bimla asks him to come back to reality. He says to her that Vidhi said a lot to him but he didn’t listen to anyone. Bimla tells him. Let’s inform Dev about this. Hariprasad asks her to hide it from Vidhi and Dev. She gets married, they shouldn’t disturb them. Vijay Babu comes there and threatens him not to reveal the truth to anyone. Amba asks Yogesh why he is getting beaten up. She called the security. Dev asks her what’s going on here? Amba reveals to them that she became the owner of this company with majority shares.

Episode end

Precap: Dev will request Amba not to remove his father’s photo from the office. Amba will demand him to leave Vidhi forever in return.

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