Na Umra Ki Seema 10th April 2023 Written Update

The Episode starts with Amba announcing to everyone that Raichand has only 9% shares in this company. Amba has major shares in this company. This company will run from this moment in Mehta’s group of industries. Amba tells her employees that she will take care of their business. Dev and Abhimanyu will be normal employees in this company. The lawyer reads the document in front of everyone. Dev asks her how could she cheat him like this? Amba gave him a befitting reply. Amba says that the employees can continue to work in her Mehta group of industries. She will send the official document to everyone and announce it in the media as soon as possible. She asks Abhimanyu, Dev and Vidhi to meet her at a cabin. She demands Divya to stay out of her business. Meanwhile, Vijay threatens Hariprasad not to share anything with Vidhi or Dev. He does not like to be involved in this matter. Hariprasad feels broken hearing this.

Yogesh asks Amba that what is the need to keep Dev Raichand’s name in this cabin now? She says there is one more work. Amba throws Dev’s diary down. Law takes it. Amba snatches it from her and says that she will decide what to do with the things kept in her cabin or the people working under her. Amba tells Dev that he had betrayed her. She asks Yogesh to run this business from that very moment. Yogesh asks her where will she sit? Amba says she will sit on the seat of Shantanu Raichand. Dev gets furious seeing this. Amba gets angry at him. She congratulates Abhimanyu. She says she lost everything because of his stupidity. Abhimanyu recalls Yogesh’s betrayal. Dev tells Abhimanyu that he transferred everything legally. They can’t do anything against him. Dev tells Amba that she betrayed him and has stooped too low.

Amba tells Dev that he was the one who betrayed her in the first place. Doesn’t she warn him to take revenge on them? That was the reason for his decision. Dev tells Amba that he will change everything like before. Amba asks to speak to the ex-CEO in private. Dev denies this. Amba says it is the process to discuss with him before taking over his company. Yogesh takes Abhimanyu and Vidhi from there. Amba tries to remove her father’s picture. Dev requests her not to do so. He did not help Amba’s family when they were in trouble. Don’t forget that they are living a luxurious life because of her. Amba says she will not forget anything. She was also a good person. But it was he who turned her into such. He has only one option in his hand. She will return everything to him. He is ready to sign on a blank paper. But he can leave the method forever. Dev tells Amba that he has built this company with his hard work. He knew very well how to maintain it. Dev leaves from there. Amba says she was ready to leave anything for Vidhi.

Later, the manager informs Dev that he too is resigning. He tells Dev that Abhimanyu is the reason for everything. He repeatedly warned her to look into it but she ignored his words. Abhimanyu regrets his mistake and apologizes to her. Because of that they were struggling like this. Dev asks her to work hard and keep the company going. He will be with her. Amba celebrates her victory.

episode over

Precap; Dev informs Satyavati that he has decided to work hard to get back in their company. Satyavati will tell him that she will be with him in this mission. Family members will unite against Amba

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