Molkki 2 3rd March 2023 Written Episode Update: Suraj saves Bhoomi and Maniya

Molkki 2 3rd March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Bhoomi comes in. Sangram shoves Maniya on the floor. Bhoomi hits Sangram. He holds the rod in her hand and shoves her onto the bed. He shoves Maniya onto the sofa. She faints. Sangram grabs Maniya and says we have an old history. He forces himself. Suraj comes there. He hits Sangram and says how dare you touch Bhoomi. She’s my wife. Bhoomi is shocked to hear that. Suraj hits Sangram. Suraj says you’re a disgusting human. Bhoomi tries to get up Maniya. Maniya says he tried to force us. Sangram says everything in this house is mine so you belong to me. Surja says they’re not objects. Sangram hits Suraj with a chair. Suraj faints. Sangram goes out and runs. Suraj goes after him but he runs.

Surja says to AMniya you took this house from this disgusting man? She says Gagan thinks he’s God. He is using Gagan’s innocence. Suraj says I will talk to Gagan. Pick your things and we will go to haveli. This place isn’t safe for you. He calls Gagan. Bhoomi touches Suraj’s feet. He says what are you doing? Bhoomi says thank you for saving us. If you weren’t here something would have gone wrong. He says that’s my responsibility. She says you were gonna send a driver for me. He says you had the prasad. She says I kept it in your car. He says I forgot. Bhoomi smiles. He says let’s go.

Scene 2
Nirma says Sangram has crossed all the limits. He thinks he’s the heir of this family and he disrespects women like this. We’ve to stop him. Pallavi says let’s file an FIR. She says he’s not scared of the police. I know how to stop him.

Sangram comes home. Urvashi does his dressing. She says Suraj has hit my son so bad. Sangram says he defeated me again. He takes everything I want. Urvashi says to keep your wound alive till you move Surah from your way. Nirma comes to their end and says wow what an upbringing. Your son forced himself on two girls and you’re healing and provoking him? A mother is doing this. Have some shame. Urvashi says don’t give me these lectures. Sangram is Thakur’s son. He’s a young guy. Nirma says you can even ruin Thakur’s name. Your son doesn’t deserve his name. Thakur respected women like his son Suraj does. This is your upbringing and your blood. Urvashi says Suraj also doesn’t accept his wife. He’s no less than Sangram. Nirma says don’t even dare to compare Suraj with this man. Urvashi says don’t play these games here. And don’t give me upbringing lectures, someone who has never given birth. You better let it go. Nirma says you’re mid. If your son ever touches a woman Suraj will break his hands. She leaves.

Scene 3
Pallavi says to Gagan Sangram is devil. What he did for you was for his benefit. Suraj says you’ve to get out of his trap for your family. Maniya says I don’t want a house when I have to give my dignity in return. I will die hungry but you won’t work for Sangram. Suraj says that won’t happen. Gagan will have a job in my factory. Everything will be fine. Bhoomi says I always wanted a life partner who accepts my family like Suraj is supporting them.

Maniya cries. Bhoomi tries to console her. She says you and Suraj saved me today. But Gagan kept trusting Sangram. He’s still not mad after so much happened. Suraj hit Sangram so badly because Sangram tried to touch his wife. Nirma says Bhoomi Suraj will never let anything wrong happen to you. Suraj will accept you slowly. He said today that you’re his wife. This is our small win.

Scene 4
Bhoomi serves the lunch. She says my sister is coming. They made cereal for me. Nirma says I will also eat cereal with you. Suraj comes. Everyone looks at him. He has pimples on his face. Pallavi says this is chickenpox. She says go to your room and don’t come near anyone. He says I have a meeting. Nirma says we will arrange a video meeting. He says send Dhaniram. Nirma asks Dhaniram to not go.

Bhoomi gives Suraj a towel. She does arti in his room. Surja falls on Bhoomi. Suraj says what are you doing here? She says this steam helps with chickenpox a lot. I know a lot of treatments. He says you will kill me with this smoke. Bhoomi says don’t say that. Suraj video calls Bhoomi and Pallavi. He says where is Dhani? Nirma says Dhani can also get sick. Why risk his life? Bhoomi has had chickenpox already. Pallavi says Bhoomi will take care of you. Bhoomi gives him Neem tea. She says it’s bitter like your words. I will take care of you now.

Episode ends


Update Credit to: Atiba

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