Molkki 2 21st March 2023 Written Episode Update: Bhoomi tries to pay her price back

Scene 1
Suraj wakes up and says Nirma shouldn’t know I sleep on the floor. He gets a sprain in his back. He calls Dhani Ram. Dhani applies balm on his back. Nirma comes there. She says Bhoomi massages his back. Can’t you see your husband is in pain? You are his wife. She asks Dhani Ram to move. Bhoomi applies balm on his back. Nirma goes out. She wipes her tear. Pallavi sees her. Nirma gets a cut on her hand. Pallavi says I know how difficult it is for you. Who gets so much pain? All of this for our heir. Niirma says my pain will be nothing when my wish comes true. Suraj thanks, Bhoomi. Bhoomi helps him stand. She thinks about why she keeps thinking about Suraj.

Scene 2
Goons come to Vikas and say return the money you lost in the gamble. Vikas says give me 3 days. I will get you the money. No one knows where.

Bhoomi prepares her idols in her art studio. She sets things up for sale and sells them. Bhoomi says I will return my price and get away from this house. The guard tells Nirma. Nirma says she’s making money to pay us back and go from here. I will never let her do that and ruin my plan. She goes out. More people come to buy the idols. Nirma sells silver things for much cheaper. People get distracted by idols and buy those. They ask why are you selling it so cheap. She says I am happy today I thought to sell all this to villagers. She looks at Bhoomi and smiles. She says no one bought your art, Bhoomi. You can make idols but not your destiny. I will craft it there. Do you want to pay me back? I won’t let you do that. Bhoomi says please don’t do that. Please let me go back to my old life. What should I do? Nirma says come with me.

Nirma brings Bhoomi to her room. She says I want you to make a wife’s relationship with Suraj. You know what I am saying. You have to get physical with him. Bhoomi says you are his wife. I can’t do that. Nirma says I get what I want. I know you’re not sleeping with him. You have to attract him today and get ready for him. Wear all this. Put on this perfume he loves it. She leaves. Bhoomi says I can’t do all this.

Scene 3
Vikas gives Pallavi a rose. She says romantic today?? He says my wife is so pretty. See you look so pretty in these photos. Wear your jewelry. She says if you want me to get ready, I will wear this. Vikas says yes wear all these jewels. She leaves. Nirma gives Suraj a drink. He says I am not in the mood. Nirma says to drink it. She says just enjoy what you have. Don’t think about right or wrong. Bhoomi thinks about what should she do. She gets ready.

Episode ends


Update Credit to: Atiba

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