Molkki 2 20th March 2023 Written Update: Suraj breaks Bhoomi’s fast

The episode starts with Suraj bringing food for Bhoomi and breaking her fast by offering her water. Suraj tries to make her eat but she keeps crying and doesn’t accept to eat. He calls at Laddoo’s school and asks manager not to give food to Laddoo. Suraj asks Bhoomi to eat or else even Laddoo won’t get food at hostel. She recalls her memories with Laddoo. Bhoomi cries but eats food for sake of Laddoo. Suraj makes her eat with his hand and finally breaks her fast. He leaves from there asking her to eat.

Suraj calls manager again and tells him to take care well of Laddoo and give him food nicely. He thinks he has to do this act so that Bhoomi breaks her fast. Pallavi tells Nirma how they tried to stop Bhoomi for finding truth but it happened. Nirma says its not even easy for her to see her husband with another woman and bring Molkki for him. But if she can do this, she can go to any lengths for getting heir. She tells if Suraj can change his decision, Nirma can make sacrifice then Bhoomi should compromise for her dreams tooo.

Nirma says Pallavi how meeting Bhoomi was indication of mata rani and she is sure everything is going to be good in future. Bhoomi tells Suraj that she finished her food and to let Laddoo have food now. Suraj tells he was just acting so that she eats. Bhoomi is walking when flower garlands and lights fall on her. Suraj offers her help to help entangle it but she denies. However Suraj helps her and removes those. He comes to room and finds Bhoomi sleeping on bed. As soon as Suraj sits on bed, Bhoomi gets up.

Suraj asks her what happened. Bhoomi tells that after knowing the truth she cannot share room with him. She asks him to stay with Nirma instead. Suraj tells her to stay in room and he will go out instead. Nirma sees Suraj sleeping outside and gets angry. She breaks open on the door. Nirma scolds Bhoomi and tells her to remember her limits as she is Molkki. Suraj tells Bhoomi that he has to act to scold her as Nirma is waiting outside. Bhoomi breakdowns crying and Suraj tries to console her.

Suraj tells that Bhoomi’s tears are very expensive. He tells her not to cry so much that he cannot pay for her tears. Bhoomi tells already her dreams and self respect are bought, only her tears are left with her Suraj realises he has made Bhoomi more hurt by his words even though he was trying the opposite. Eventually Bhoomi falls asleep crying. Suraj puts blanket on her and wants to wipe off tear but stops himself. Suraj meets dadi and tells how Bhoomi’s life has got destroyed because of him. The episode ends.

Precap Nirma asks Bhoomi to get intimate with Suraj and get ready for him.

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