Molkki 2 15th March 2023 Written Update: Nirma lies to Bhoomi about Kumud

The episode starts with Vikash mishandling the fuse box. He thinks Bhoomi will get high voltage current and has to pay the price for being chief guest. Vikash tells Bhoomi to switch on light before leaving and the switch is below the staircase.

He gets happy thinking Bhoomi will get shock once she touches the switch. Rimjhim comes and tell Bhoomi that Suraj is asking to switch button and she doesn’t know how to do it. Bhoomi tells she will do it and asks Rimjhim to switch on the light instead.

Ore Piya plays as Bhoomi stitches button for Suraj. Suddenly they hear Rimjhim screaming. Vikash feels it’s Bhoomi who got shock and gets happy. Suraj and Bhoomi get shocked seeing Rimjhim lying unconscious.

Vikash comes and thinks how his plan got failed. Pallavi and Bhoomi take Rimjhim to hospital. Suraj asks Dhaniram who had connected the wires so carelessly. He says he had himself checked the connections and doesn’t know how it happened.

Rimjhim comes back from hospital and Pallavi says she is fine and there is nothing to worry. Nirma sees that Bhoomi is lost in thoughts.

Nirma tells Bhoomi not to worry as Rimjhim is fine. Bhoomi says at hospital doctor had mistaken her as Suraj’s wife and told about reports of tests done 6 months ago. She asks how is it possible as Kumud had died two years ago. Nirma lies to her and says doctor may have used Mrs Thakur to refer to Sangram’s wife.

Bhoomi gets shocked and asks if he is married. Nirma tells he is married and tortured his wife because she couldn’t give him heir and got divorced. Nirma later warns Dadi and Pallavi to never let Bhoomi find Kumud’s truth or else the reason she was bought as molkki will never be fulfilled.

Nirma goes to talk to Suraj and questions him why he accepted gift from Bhoomi with his and Kumud’s name engraved. He tells he didn’t want to hurt innocent girl like Bhoomi. Suraj tells this marriage was done to him forcefully and his only wife is Kumud.

Nirma asks him to leave his past and focus on his present. Suraj asks she should not say about it when she cannot manage her own marriage. Bhoomi gets shocked and asks if Nirma is married. She tells her marriage has problems and doesn’t let Bhoomi question further.

Bhoomi receives call on Suraj’s phone. Caller tells that Suraj left his phone at old age home when he came to meet Kumud’s mother and to tell Kumud to bring jalebi when she comes to meet her.

Bhoomi thinks everyone is lying to her about Kumud and she should go to old age home and find out. Pallavi fools Bhoomi and says she comes to meet Kumud’s mother as Kumud so that she doesn’t feel hurt. She asks Bhoomi to do her gangaur puja nicely.

Dadi and Pallavi explain Bhoomi about ritual of Gangaur. Bhoomi asks Nirma if she is also fasting and doing puja. Nirma tells she does all the rituals for her husband. The episode ends with Nirma thinking Bhoomi trusts her like an elder sister and she will take advantage of this to make her do things she wants.

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