Molkki 2 14th March 2023 Written Update: Ram Navami celebration in haveli

The episode starts with Suraj telling dadi how Bhoomi wanted to do shraad for Kumud. He feels angry. Dadi calms him down and tells Bhoomi doesn’t know that Kumud is still alive. Pallavi and Nirma return back home and ask DhaniRam about what’s happening.

He tells Bhoomi wanted to do sharad for Kumud but Suraj got angry and told to remove all the materials. Vikash feels happy that his plan got successful and Bhoomi got scolded by Suraj.

Suraj keeps doing boxing and hiting the punching bag. Nirma comes to talk to him. Suraj complains about Bhoomi and says he knows Nirma will always take Bhoomi’s side. Suraj tells its her mistake to have said such a big lie to Bhoomi.

Suraj also confesses that he is not angry but rather feels guilty of lying to innocent person like Bhoomi who can go to any length to protect her loved ones. Nirma tells its necessary to keep the truth hidden. Suraj thinks he unnecessarily scolded Bhoomi too much to stop her from doing shrad for Kumud. Bhoomi feels sad about her mistake.

Pallavi comes to talk to Bhoomi. She tells Bhoomi not to feel sad as Suraj says anything when he is angry. Bhoomi says she already understands Suraj but she is crying seeing Suraj’s true love for Kumud. She tells how Kumud is no more but no one can replace her from Suraj’s life.

Bhoomi makes some craftwork. Suraj is waiting for Bhoomi to come in room to ask for forgiveness. Bhoomi comes there and instead asks Suraj to forgive her. She tells she knows Kumud will always be alive in his memories. She gifts him a craftwork with Suraj and Kumud engraved on it.

Suraj feels more guilty of keeping the truth hidden from Bhoomi. Bhoomi and Rimjhim come to hall to find Pallavi gathering everyone. Bhoomi asks whats going on. Rimjhim tells her that its Ram Navami and it will be celebrated at their home and Pallavi is incharge of organising it.

Pallavi starts giving duties to everyone. She asks Dhaniram to keep the chairs properly as lots of people will be coming, she instructs Vikash to light up whole haveli and Suraj to take care of Ram Leela practice. Vikash thinks he will be chief guest as each year.

Nirma brings shawl for chief guest and Vikash tells its suiting him however Nirma says this year Bhoomi would be the chief guest because dadi wants it. Suraj is making the artists practice dialogues for Ram and Sita but they keep saying without proper emotions.

Bhoomi comes and explains them to use their feelings. They ask Bhoomi and Suraj to enact and show. Suraj and Bhoomi enact scene of Sita Agnipariksha. Pallavi encourages Bhoomi and tells soon love will also bloom in their relationship. While everyone is leaving, Vikash turns off the fuse box while Bhoomi is still inside her room.

The episode ends.

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