Meet 8th April 2023 Written Update

Meet cries says that she will make Manmeet free from Raj’s promise, she won’t come between Manmeet and Shagun. Shagun keeps her hand on diya. Meet calls Manmeet and says that she wants to apologise to him for misunderstanding him. She asks him to meet her over a glass of lassi or icecream. She asks him to say yes. Manmeet says that he is coming to meet her soon. Gunwanti gets shocked seeing Shagun. She tries to stop her and asks her if she has lost her senses.

Shagun says that she can’t disclose anything in details right now but time will answer everything. Shagun tells Gunwanti that she is vowing to separate Meet and Manmeet and kick Meet out of Manmeet’s life forever. Meet arranges the funeral of Raj and Babita. She remembers them and sheds tears. She remembers his she misunderstood, insulted and slapped Manmeet. She feels sorry for misunderstanding Manmeet and slapping her infront of whole village.

She says that she will apologise to him infront of the whole village. Manmeet tells Shagun everything and thanks her. Shagun asks him to go and bring Meet back and fulfill his promise. She says that she will be waiting for them at home. Swapna hears their conversations. She tells Shagun that she is shocked seeing her changed approach and calls it good. Shagun leaves. It starts raining all of a sudden. Meet comes out the temple. She starts looking for Manmeet. Manmeet comes there riding on his bike.

He also searches for her. They come face to face. Meet hugs him. Manmeet holds umbrella on her head. He says that he doesn’t want Meet Hooda to fall sick. She apologies to him for misunderstanding him and slapping him infront of the whole village. Manmeet says no need. He says that Meet’s behaviour was justified. He asks her to accompany him. Meet holds her hand and stabs his shoulder. Manmeet gets shocked. He falls on the mud.

He recalls whatever happened and faints. She looks at unconcious Meet who lies under a tree. She removes her mask and it’s get revealed that it’s not Meet but Shagun. Flashback shows that Meet was waiting for Manmeet there. Shagun came there hiding her face under hoodie. She put chloroform on Meet’s nose, made her unconscious and hid her under the tree. Shagun says that she burned her hand to punish herself for stabbing Manmeet.

Shagun cries and says that she had no other choice than doing this. She says that she won’t let anything happen to him. She says how much she loves Manmeet and how much he and his life matters to her. She feels that now everyone will misunderstand Meet, Manmeet will hate her forever and Meet has to leave the house. She feels that everything will be fine hereafter. She calls at the police station and informs police about the incident.

The episode ends.

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