Meet 7th April 2023 Written Update

Manmeet goes to the Akhara. His friends congratulate him. Swamiji informs him that he got selected for international wrestling. Manmeet becomes super happy. Guruji praises him and acknowledges his hardwork and dedication. Manmeet recalls how Meet use to instigate him and make him improve in wrestling. Meet slaps him. She beats him with the newspaper and says that he has cheated her. She questions him for hiding about Raj and Babita’s death news from her. She criticizes him for lying to her non stop. Swamiji asks Meet to stop.

Manmeet asks him to let her speak. Meet asks Manmeet to stop his dramma. She cries and says that she hates him. She calls him namard. She says that Manmeet has snatched her rights. She says that now Manmeet will see Meet Hooda’s hatred which none saw before. Meet cries and leaves. Gunwanti becomes happy. Shagun worries as she feels that Manmeet is unhappy. She feels that Manmeet will keep his promise to Raj. She says that he may bring Meet back.

She understands that Sarkar was right to warn her about Meet and Manmeet’s equation. Shagun says that she will keep Meet and Manmeet away from each other. She says that she will create distance between them. Yashoda tells Swapna that she is worried for Meet. She tells her about Raj and Babita’s death. Gunwanti informs Yashoda that Meet has slapped Manmeet in front of all the villagers in the Akhara. Yashoda refuses to believe her words.

Manmeet returns home. Yashoda asks him if Gunwanti is saying the truth. Manmeet says that Meet did the right thing only. Manmeet says that Meet has left and she won’t return if he asks her. He wonders how to keep his promise. Shagun hugs him and asks him to forgive her. She admits her mistakes and says that she is regretting for misunderstanding him. She praises him. She says that she will convince Meet and bring her back.

Manmeet asks Shagun to stand by him. He says that he has to find the perfect life partner for Meet to keep his promise to Raj. He promises to do anything in return for Shagun. Shagun agrees. Later Gunwanti confronts Shagun. Shagun says that she will bring Meet back so that Manmeet can kick her out of the house. She says that she will make Manmeet hate Meet. Meet cries and takes a cab. She reaches the hospital where Raj and Babita breathed their last.

She bursts into tears. Nurse informs Meet that Manmeet use to come to see Raj daily. She shows the cctv footage to Meet. Nurse informs her that Raj asked Manmeet to promise her that he won’t inform anything to Meet. She says that Manmeet had to keep quiet also he kept Meet’s picture infront of him while feeding ganga jal to Raj. She asks Meet to not hate him. Meet regrets for misunderstanding Manmeet and slapping him. She feels that Sarkar has manipulated her. She decides to meet Manmeet. Shagun informs him that Meet is found.

The episode ends.

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