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Meet 3rd March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meet walking inside Sarkar Palace. Shagun stops her says one side you show you don’t care at all for Manmeet and on other side you do pooja with him, stay away from my Manmeet. Meet says he is my husband and I’m his wife and there will be lots of occasions to do pooja, why don’t you pack and leave and she start walking away. Shagun says I’m ready and ask her to give documents. Meet give her documents. Shagun says you will leave tgis house if I took Manmeet’s signature. Meet says 100% I’ll leave after you get the signature. Shagun walks away. Meet says to herself this is my last ho to win.

Sarkar, Manmeet, Mahendra, Narendra sitting together and having lunch. Jasodha and Gunwanti also present. Sarkar looks at Manmeet’s face and says don’t you worry about garland nothing will happen. Jasodha remembers the way Swamiji told her to throw Meet of her house. Sundari and Anuja going downstairs carefully so that no one see them. Sundari says to Anuja run away before someone sees you. Sarkar ask Jasodha about the money. Jasodha nods her head yes. Sarkar asks Jasodha about the file brought by lawyer. She says I’ll get it for you. Sundari and Anuja hide behind coloum. Jasodha take the file and see shoe stacked above eachother near column. Jasodha walks to shoes says already things are not right in this house and now they are trying to bring more bad omen, she seprate shoes from eachother and leave. Sundari and Anuja also leave when Jasodha walks away.

Jasodha give file to Sarkar. Meet keeping eye on everyone thinks I want Shagun to get sign on the papers. Sarkar says Jasodha’s silence is telling me she is hurt very badly because of the things happen during pooja. Manmeet says no worries once I defeat Meet in match everyone will be fine. Sarkar give him documents and ask him to read and sign them. Manmeet says you and Narendra have already seen the documents so I’ll directly sign them. Meet says to herself this is my chance and she signal Shagun to act. Shagun pick up plate and walks to Manmeet, she drops the papers while serving him food. Shagun says you carry out with your lunch I’ll pick these papers. Manmeet says take it easy. Shagun picks up documents and she mix Meet’s document in the file. Manmeet asks her what are you doing. Shagun says nothing and give him file. Manmeet says to her why do you look so nervous, these are only documents. Manmeet takes file from her and sign all the documents. Shagun walks away. Meet says to herself now I have defeated Manmeet without wrestling match.

Meet waiting for Shagun’s message in kitchen. Imarti and Sapna having dinner. Meet says Sundari Chachi did not come for dinner. Sapna says I asked her but she said no. Meet says she must be feeling bad because of Anuja, I’ll take dinner for her.

Sundari in her room praying to god, she says because of your blessings everything will be fine. Meet standing behind her says how can you be happy after punishing your girl, I know Anuja did wrong but atleast try to make her understand things I’m sure she will listen to you and forgive her for her mistakes. Sundari says the biggest mistake is being a girl, when a girl is born her punishment start and it ends with her life, in this house everyone make sure to make you realise you are a girl and all the rules of this house don’t give freedom to women but you won’t understand anything because you are a city girl and she walks away. Meet says to herself these rules are here because no one try to question anything.

Meet waiting for Shagun’s message. Manmeet walks to Meet says what happen all your moves are finished, now what you will do because we are going to wrestle for sure and after match me and my family will be happy. Meet says you are right and tell me how will you feel I go left you. Manmeet says I’ll sleep peacefully. Meet says I’ll also sleep peacefully because I know I’ll win. Manmeet says in Olympic girls fight with girls not boys and still you think you can win the match. Meet says I know boys have better physic then girls but girls have brain and emotions too, boys know how to fight and girls know how to handle any situation. Manmeet laugh and says there is no competition when it comes to talk but this won’t help you in arena and mocks her. Manmeet give her ointment and says this will help you tomorrow when you will be in pain after loosing match. Meet takes the ointment. Manmeet try to walk away but stumble into a stool. Meet mocks him back and apply ointment on his forehead and says I think you will need this more then me and she walks away.

Meet walks to Shagun and ask did you brought the documents. Shagun standing numb. Meet says to her those documents are key to your happy life, give me documents and then spend your life with Manmeet, I know you both love eachother and if you will give me documents right now I’ll leave at this very moment. Shagun says it’s true I love my Manmeet and can do anything for him but I won’t hide things from him so I won’t give you documents, you try to trick me that was great and even I took the signature so that you can leave but after that… ( Shagun remembers Manmeet consoling her for the garland and give her confidence, Shagun hugs him and throw documents in fire.)
Shagun says to Meet I love my Manmeet a lot that’s why I trust him that’s why I burn those papers and now we will meet tomorrow in arena, get ready for your loss and she walks away.

Meet walking alone remembers everything, she gets angry and kicks the wall she hurt her leg and show her anger by throwing rocks. Meet says my husband saw only one dream and that’s what I’m trying to do, I want all the women on this village should learn how to live with self-respect, since childhood I’m listening to make your own way they why is every path closed for me she looks at the pendent ans crying.


Update Credit to: Tanaya

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