Meet 31st March 2023 Written Update

In today’s episode, eyewitnesses say that Babita is already dead and Raj won’t survive any longer. Manmeet comes there and sees Raj. Meet gets worried. She cries holding the broken photoframe. Yashoda, Anuja and Shagun come there. Meet says that she is feeling restless and scared. She feels that something wrong is going to happen. Shagun looks happy. Raj is taken to city hospital. Doctor goes to give him injection. He sends the doctors away. Manmeet tells Raj that he will be fine. Raj says that he doesn’t want to live without Babita. He holds Manmeet’s hand.

Gunwanti scolds Shagun for attempting suicide. Shagun says that it was all drama. She says that her plan has worked really well, Manmeet will kick Meet out of the house within next 24 hours. Gunwanti wonders if they can kick Meet out this time as they failed miserably in past. She mentions about the connection between Manmeet and Meet. Meet tries to contact Raj, Babita but in vain. Anuja cries as she doesn’t want Meet to leave Sarkar Mahal. Meet says that she has to leave. Yashoda gives a holy book to her and asks her to read it to feel at ease.

She says that Meet has supported her in her crisis now she wants to help Meet. Raj asks Manmeet to not inform Meet about them. Manmeet says that Meet must know it. He wishes to go and bring her. Raj stops him. He says that Meet has suffered many loses in her life, he doesn’t want her to feel more pain. He says that Meet will be broken if she learns about Raj and Babita’s death. Meet starts reading the holy book. Raj asks Manmeet to promise him that he won’t let Meet know anything until the right person enters in his life who will love and sympathize with her in truest sense.

Raj’s condition detoriates. He dies. Nurse tells him that Raj is no more. He cries holding Raj’s dead body. Pandit asks him to put Tulsi and ganga water Raj’s mouth so that his soul can get peace. Manmeet says that Meet has this right. He does the ritual on behalf of Meet. He prays for Raj’s moksha. Manmeet keeps Meet’s photo infront of him and closes Raj’s eyes. Meet tells Yashoda that she wants to talk to her regarding Manmeet. She talks about Manmeet’s heart and habits. She says how much Manmeet loves Yashoda and Sarkar. She calls Yashodha lucky to have son like Manmeet.

She says that love conquers all. Yashoda gets shocked. Manmeet breaks into tears infront of Raj’s dead body. Meet gears up to leave the house. Gunwanti and Shagun become happy. Swapna and Narendra meet Meet. Swapna says that she wants to have a girl child and call her Meet. Anuja gives Meet credits for her changed pov towards life. Meghna comes there. She hugs Meet and cries. Manmeet promises to not abandon Meet until he finds the right life partner for Meet.

The episode ends.

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