Meet 29th March 2023 Written Update: Shagun threatens to commit suicide

In today’s episode, Mahendra and Shagun leave the courtroom. Yashoda supports Manmeet. Meet says that Sarkar needs Manmeet and asks Manmeet to approach him. Manmeet holds Meet’s hand and takes her outside the court. Everyone claps for Meet. Manmeet smiles. He says that Meet’s reputation was harmed because of his mistake so it’s his responsibility to bring it back. He makes few kids put tika on Meet and shower her with flower petals. Sarkar family sees everything. Meet again asks Manmeet to go and comfort Sarkar. Manmeet gets Shagun’s call.

Meet asks him to go and calm her down. She says that she has forgiven Manmeet and asks him to go. Manmeet leaves. Meet gets Raj’s call and learns that he is at Sarkarpur. Shagun locks herself inside a room and puts kerosene on herself. Yashoda and Gunwanti try to stop her. Shagun says that Manmeet went against her for Meet today and she can’t tolorate it. She says that she can’t live without Manmeet. Sarkar vents his frustration infront Mahendra. Gunwanti begs him to call Manmeet and save the life of her dear sister. Shagun says that she will count till thirty if Manmeet doesn’t appear by that she will burn herself alive.

Yashoda tries hard to stop her. Raj meets Meet. Raj praises Manmeet for defending Meet in the court. Meet says that Manmeet is indeed a nice person and different from other male members of Sarkar Mahal. Raj says that Meet is praising Manmeet infront of him for the first time and smiles. Meet says it’s the time for her to take a decision. Raj asks her about the decision. Shagun starts counting. Manmeet comes and stops her. He tries to bring her back to her senses. Shagun asks Manmeet to hold her hand and marry her right now. Manmeet says that he needs to fix everything before that.

Shagun asks him to send Meet away by tomorrow and says that she won’t allow Meet in between them from tomorrow. Meet tells Raj that she wants to return to Alhawat’s house. Manmeet puts his hand on diya and says that he will drop Meet at Alhawat’s house by tomorrow. Shagun gets relieved. Meet tells Raj that she has to abondon Manmeet for his happiness. Manmeet hugs Shagun. Raj reminds Meet about the dream of her and Meet Alhawat, also the expectations of women of Sarkarpur. Meet says that Manmeet has always supported her and she wants to give sometime to him in return.

She wishes to free Manmeet so that he can marry Shagun and get settled in life, make Sarkar and Yashoda happy. She says that she will fulfill Meet Alhawat’s dream using some other methods. She hugs Raj and gears up to leave. Raj asks Meet is she is feeling bad to leave Manmeet. Meet says that she will miss Sarkar family and feel bad too while leaving everyone. Raj asks about Manmeet. Meet says that she will feel bad. Raj feels that Meet is in love with Manmeet.

The episode ends.

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