Meet 28th March 2023 Written Update: Manmeet turns the table

In today’s episode, Meet recalls whatever happened in recent past and sheds tears. Yashoda comes there and offers turmeric milk to her. Yashoda says that Meet didn’t leave any other option for Manmeet other than maligning her charecter. She adds that she has asked Meet numerous times to leave the house and Sarkarpur forever but Meet didnt listen to him. She says that Sarkar has asked Manmeet to defame Meet in the court tomorrow and Manmeet can do anything for Sarkar. She claims to have a solution. She gives divorce papers to Meet, asks him to sign on it and leave the place.

Meet takes the divorce papers in her hand. She recalls Sarkar and Manmeet’s conversation and tears the divorce papers. Meet say if she leaves secretly like this everyone will call her wrong. Yashoda warns Meet that everyone will laugh on her when Manmeet will defame her in the court tomorrow. Meet says that tomorrow Manmeet’s real charecter will come infront of everyone. She says that she is willing to see how low Manmeet can stoop to defeat her. She cries and leaves. Yashoda feels helpless.

Next morning whole Sarkar family appears in the family court for Meet and Manmeet’s divorce. Meet comes there too. The villagers protest against her. Sp Bhati wishes to give protection to Meet inside the court seeing the protest. Meet says that she doesn’t need any protection. Sp Bhati gets convinced and wishes her all the best. Few women calls Meet charecterless. Meet confronts them and gives befitting reply. Shagun becomes happy thinking about the bright future of her and Manmeet. They all enter the court. Mahendra complains about Meet’s charecter infront of the judge. He produces the pendrive with video clip infront of judge.

Meet goes to drink water. Shagun tells Meet that soon she will get defamed in public and the crowd outside won’t leave her. She suggests Meet to exit through the rare Gate and leave the city immediately. Meet says that she can’t run away and asks Shagun to not worry for her. Manmeet goes outside. Mahendra plays the video infront of judge and others. Mahendra says that Meet has spoiled the reputation of Sarkar’s family. Sarkar tells Yashoda that Manmeet did not utter a single word it means he is with Sarkar. Judge says that he will take his decision on the basis of the video.

Manmeet comes there. He says that he has something to say to the judge. He wishes to reveal the truth behind the video. Manmeet says that the video is not true. He made the video delibarety to seek divorce against Meet. He says that Meet’s charecter has no flaws. He calls Meet innocent. Sarkar and others try to stop him but he doesn’t listen to any. He asks forgiveness from the court and others. He wishes to bow his head down infront of Meet. He apologies to Meet.

The episode ends.

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