Meet 24th March 2023 Written Update: Manmeet worries for Meet

In today’s episode, Manmeet tells Meet that he could not join Mahendra and Sarkar yesterday so they might doubted him. He asks Meet to be careful. Meet says ok. Manmeet asks whom he will fight with if anything happens to her. Meet smiles and leaves. Mahendra grows determined to end Meet’s chapter forever. Sarkar recalls Ajay’s threat and leaves. Yashoda cries. The remaining family members except Imarti stand beside Yashoda to give her support. Mahendra tricks Meet by using a little boy. Later, he hits on Meet’s head from back. His men forcefully make Meet lie on bed used for last rites by tieing her with the bed and chant Ram Naam Satya Hai.

Meet finds herself helpless. They take Meet to a factory. Mahendra talks about Meet’s death. They try to kill Meet using a cutter machine. Meet asks Mahendra to spare her. Mahendra says that he is lucky to see Meet dying infront of his eyes. Gunwanti calls him and informs him about Ajay’s threat call. He fails to hear properly due to poor signal. Mahendra says that Manmeet is in danger so he has to leave urgently. He asks his men to execute the work carefully as Meet is very cunning according to him. Meet says that Manmeet could never do this to her. Mahendra disagrees and says that he could do even worse. Manmeet fails to contact Meet on call.

Ajay feels that Manmeet truely loves Meet. Manmeet refuses to accept it. He says that he is just worried for her and nothing else. He thinks that they have only one relation that is hatred. Sarkar tells Narendra that Ajay may not be alone. He asks Narendra to call Mahendra and ask him to not kill Meet. He wants to make Meet reveal about Manmeet’s whereabouts. He tries to leave with Narendra and Jalebi. Yashoda questions Sarkar for not being able to keep her Manmeet safe. She falls on his feet and begs him to bring Manmeet back to her. She says that she doesn’t want anything else.

Sarkar promises her to bring Manmeet home safely. He leaves. Meet wonders how to protect herself. She plans to switch of the cutting machine somehow. She requests to give her water as she is very thirsty. She convinces the goons to give her water using her words. She is given water.

Meet delibarety pukes the water on the switch board to stop the machine but in vain. Goons understand her trick. Ajay again calls Sarkar and threatens him to kill Manmeet. Sarkar says that he is coming with Jalebi and asks him to not harm Manmeet.

Manmeet hears the conversation of Sarkar and his man. He learns that Meet is kidnapped by them and she is about to get killed. Manmeet says he felt that something wrong is happening with Meet. He plans to go and save Meet. His soul asks him to let Meet die, why he is caring so much for her all of a sudden when all he wanted was to kick Meet out of his life by hook or crook. Manmeet says that he never wanted this. His soul asks if he is in love with Meet.

Manmeet says that he is indebted to Meet for doing so much for his family and Yashoda. His soul says that everything is sorted now as Sarkar and Jalebi’s wedding got halted. He asks Manmeet to evict Meet from his life using this chance. Manmeet agrees. Meet prays for Manmeet and his family before receiving her death. The machine stops suddenly. Manmeet comes and rescues Meet. Meet hugs him tightly.

The episode ends.

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