Meet 23rd March 2023 Written Episode Update: Manmeet get’s kidnapped by Ajay

Meet sitting in temple praying to God. Meet says to God show me way so that I can stop Sarkar’s and Jalebi’s marriage because I don’t know what to do. Meghna walks to Meet and says come with me I have to show you something and they walks away.

Manmeet remembers Sarkar says that tomorrow we will get married. A man following Manmeet on streets. Manmeet looks back but can’t see anyone. The man push Manmeet and try to hurt him. Manmeet get’s up looks at him and remember he is the same man working at there home and says you are same guy who was helping for decoration and puts him upside down. Meet walks to him and ask him to put him down he is the biggest part of my plan he will help to stop your father’s marriage. Meet says this guy loves Meet.

Meet says I was praying to god to find out what to do then Meghna walks to me and took me Imartis room and there I saw Imarti and Jalebi talking about Ajay. Jalebi says to Imarti Ajay is here to take me with him, we both love eachother. Imarti slaps her and says did you forget our parents are in debt a lot and will sell you too, it’s good to marry a powerful man like Sarkar and rule here. Jalebi says then what about Ajay. Imarti says don’t worry about him I’ll handle Ajay.
Meet says to Manmeet after listening that I walk to Ajay because they both love eachother and Imarti is standing between them. Manmeet praise Meet for her plan and says let’s go and tell Bap Sarkar that Jalebi and Ajay love eachother. Meet says leave him Imarti has brainwashed Jalebi that money is kore powerful. Manmeet says now what we will do. Meet says we will do kidnapping.

Mahendra and Sarkar sitting together drinking. Mahendra says to Bapu Sarkar our Manmeet didn’t came to drink, I called him multiple times but he said no. Sarkar says he is sad. Narendra says whatever happening in this house is because of Meet. Sarkar says we have to act so that we can finish her chapter. Narendra asks him what are you planning

Meet says to Manmeet I have thought already when your father will be getting married we will tell him that Ajay kidnapped you and your life is in danger and if he wants to save your life he have to release Jalebi and when she will reach to Ajay only then he will spare your life.

Sarkar says we have to kill Meet to take our revenge, she is always against me from the time she came, tomorrow will be her last day and she should be dead before marriage.

Meet says you should be kidnapped before marriage. Manmeet praises her for her plan. Meet says thankyou. Manmeet ask why are you doing this, nobody likes you in this home. Meet says I’m doing this for true love, i did to my Meet Ahlawat and your mom do it to your father, I understand the pain of separation and she walks away.

Next morning everyone getting ready for marriage. Gunwanti asks Shagun have you seen Manmeet. Shagun says I have no idea I even try to call him but he is not answering don’t know where he is.

Sarkar instruct Badri to finish Meet and he sit-down for his marriage in mandap. Pandit start with his prayers. Sarkar calls Mahendra and says take care of Meet just see she don’t come near us. Mahendra says don’t worry arrengements are done. Mahendra says to his men look her photo you have to kill her.

Manmeet with Ajay in a room. Manmeet says this place is small but I’ll cooperate and thanks him for helping them. Ajay says I should thank you and he walks away. Manmeet checking room. Meet walks to him make him sit. Manmeet asks what happen. Meet says it’s time for your makeup so that everyone can see your bruises. Manmeet says okay do it. Meet steps on his foot, he shouts in pain says you have nails in your shoes and says I’ll do it myself. Manmeet try to do makeup. Meet says time is coming near. Manmeet says remove your shoes then vome close to me. Meet removes her shoes and start doing makeup. Manmeet get’s call from Shagun says let’s tell her about our plan. Meet says no this time it should be between us, we don’t have time and we can’t take risk like last time. Manmeet says okay I’m not telling her. Meet says this lipstick is of Shagun so don’t worry you won’t miss her. Manmeet’s phone fall down and she see video of her and Inspector Bhati. Manmeet grabs his phone. Meet says what is in your phone that you got scared. Manmeet thinks my phone have your video which will help me to throw you out of my life, I understand you are helping me but I cannot be with you. Meet prays to God.

Panditji chanting mantras. Jalebi sut beside Sarkar. Panditji ask who will do Gathbandhan. Sarkar says call Jasodha she will do Gathbandhan this is her punishment. Sapna says to Sundari, Sarkar won and Meet lost. Narendra brings Jasodha to mandap. Jasodha in tears takes chunri for Gathbandhan. Narendra gets a call, he walks to Sarkar and says this call is important. Ajay on other side of video call. Sarkar asks who are you. Ajay says I have kidnapped your youngest son Manmeet and show him. Manmeet says they are trying to kidnap me. Sarkar ask who are you and what do you want. Ajay says I want Jalebi and if you want to see your son alive send your Jalebi to me because she is mine. Manmeet shouts for help. Sarkar asks Jalebi is this boy your lover. Ajay says to Sarkar what do you want second marriage or your son. Sarkar says if you do anything to my son I’ll kill you. Ajay says listen to me a jeep is standing outside Sarkar’s Place 7845 car number send Jalebi to me and your son will be saved and hungsup. Imarti says he is talking nonsense look at his size he is not match to Manmeet and he is after my sister. Sarkar says now I won’t marry and asks Badri to get ready with gun and put Jalebi in car, I want my son back safe.

Manmeet shouting for help. Meet says shutup phone got disconnected and praises him for his acting, your father will be here soon. Manmeet says it’s all because of you. Meet says I have notice one thing from yesterday you are praising me a lot. Manmeet says okay now I won’t praise you. Meet says I’m leaving or else our plan will folp is he will see us together. Manmeet says listen to me Shagun called me 20 times and everyone must be having doubt about us so be careful. Meet pinch herself and says this is not a dream so you truly care about me. Manmeet says listen to me carefully Mahendra and Bapu Sarkar was drinking yesterday but I didn’t go and sit with them and I think they must have planned something so be careful.

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