Meet 19th March 2023 Written Update: Manmeet gets an idea

In today’s episode, Manmeet reminds Meet that he is doing the deal for the sake of Yashoda only. Meet says that she knows it very well. Manmeet makes fun of Meet’s short hair. Shagun fears that Meet and Manmeet can come closer. She plans to do something to break the team of Meet and Manmeet. Meet spots Shagun and informs Manmeet about her. She asks him to go and check her. Manmeet says that he only has feelings of hatred for Meet. Shagun approaches Sarkar. Sarkar asks her to keep eye on every activity of Meet.

Meet tells Manmeet that Shagun must be jelous. Manmeet asks her to use her intelligence and find an idea. They fall on each other. A dupatta covers them. Their chain gets interwined. Manner helps Meet to release herself. Meet says that she will inform her plan next day and leaves. Shagun approaches Manmeet. He becomes uncomfortable. Imarti goes to hand over Yashoda’s jewlery to Jalebi. Swapna stops her and says that she can’t do it. Gunwanti asks her to leave the jewlery. Imarti laughs.

Imarti says that now her sister will become Swapna’s mother in law. She warns Swapna to stay in limits. Gunwanti informs Imarti that Meet won’t let Sarkar marry Jalebi ever. She says that they all will root for Meet’s victory this time. Shagun questions Manmeet for forming team with Meet. She fears that Sarkar won’t forgive him if he learns that Manmeet is helping Meet, he may not let them get married too. Manmeet asks her to relax as Sarkar won’t get to know about him and Meet. Shagun requests him to not form team with Meet.

Manmeet says it’s matter of five days only after that Meet will be thrown out of his life. Next day, Meet sips tea. Manmeet comes there and asks her about idea. Swapna comes there while vommitting. Meet goes to help her. Swapna says it’s normal during pregnancy. Manmeet tries to find out an idea. He spots Yashoda with Sundari and Shagun. Yashoda vommits and feels weak so Sundari makes her sit and offers her water.

Manmeet recalls Swapna’s words regarding vommitting during pregnancy and gets an idea. Manmeet calls Shagun and shares his idea with her. He asks her to share the news with everyone. Shagun follows his instruction. All the ladies become shocked but happy. Meet comes home. Manmeet tells her that he has made a superb plan. He asks her to wait and watch. Sarkar calls Gunwanti and Swapna. He enquires about Yashoda. Gunwanti becomes shy while talking about Yashoda. She says that Yashoda can’t make noise in such condition.

Sarkar gets clueless and wonders what happened to Yashoda all of a sudden. Sarkar asks Gunwanti about the matter. Gunwanti says that Yashoda is pregnant. Imarti and Jalebi get scared. Meet gets shocked she looks at Manmeet. Manmeet gives her a mischievous smile. Gunwanti congratulates Sarkar. Meet goes inside and asks Manmeet to accompany her. She questions him about the idea. Manmeet asks her if she is jelous. He says now Sarkar will forgive Yashoda and won’t marry Jalebi. Sarkar becomes thoughtful. Meet wonders if Manmeet’s idea will really work.

The episode ends.

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