Meet 15th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Manmeet about to mis something in thandai and aats thinks now my plan will work when I’ll mix my prashad in this. Gunwanti hit Manmeet on his bum. Manmeet shouts and ask her why are you hitting me. Everyone laughing. Gunwanti says this is your first holi and you are my brother in law and according to ritual I have to hit you no one can stop me today. Manmeet shouting for help. Everyone cheering Gunwanti. Imarti also joins Gunwanti. Meet says I wish to do this ritual. Manmeet runs away.

Manmeet says don’t know what was wrong with Bhabhi well I should focus on my plan and he about to mix his prashad but Mahandra take him to dance. Manmeet dance for sometime and walks away. Bhati keeping eye on Manmeet and thinks what is he going to do with Meet. Manmeet mix it in thandai and give to Meet. Meet says I don’t want to drink. Manmeet says this is thandai have it and forcefully make her drink it. Manmeet get’s happy and walks away. Manmeet give thandai to Mahandra, Narandra and Bhati. Bhati says I don’t drink. Manmeet saya today is Holi this is prashad and you don’t say no to prashad. Inspector Bhati drinks it and keep the glass aside. Manmeet walks to the same glass drinks it and says soon my plan will work, Meet has ruined my life I won’t leave her. Everyone dancing.

Manmeet enter the party on his bike to tease Meet. Manmeet and Meet dance and apply colour on eachother. Cameraman recoding everything. Inspector Bhati says I think Baba’s prashad is working on Manmeet very well that’s why he forgot to take revenge, I should also leave now. Meghna see her family accepting Meet and playing holi with her. Meghna get’s emotional and soon realises she is just dreaming. Meghna thinks I wish this dream come true.

Manmeet drunk. Sarkar throws water on his face says you are drunk this thandi was for Meet and Bhati, inspector Bhati will leave soon and think fast or I should believe you have lost again. Manmeet comes to his senses.

A boy gives a piece of paper to Meet and runaway. Meet reads a message saying please help me or else they will kill me I’m in the lane behind you. Meet trying to figure out and says I can’t see Anuja is she in trouble and start looking for her. Inspector Bhati see her going and try to follow her. Sarkar and Manmeet stops him for leaving and take him back to party.

Meet outside looking for Anuja. Meet slips and about to fall in mud. Inspector Bhati try to save Meet but fall with Meet in mud. Manmeet see them inside mud remembers covering mud with hay. Inspector Bhati and Meet struggle to get up. Manmeet records everything. Meet and Bhati standing close to eachother covered in mud. Manmeet says perfect shot, I was drunk but they are acting like drunk people. Inspector Bhati throws water on Meet so she could was off the mud. Manmeet record everything and says I’ll release this movie in court and I’ll be free from her.

Everyone walks inside the Sarkar palace. Jasodha stops Sarkar and says you are forgetting something, we are married since 30 years and this is first time you didn’t played holi with me, my holi is not complete until you apply colour on me. Jasodha about to apply colour on Sarkar but he holds her hand take colour from her hand and says today we both will not apply colour on eachother and push her away, Sarkar says someone else will be applying colour on me and a women walks inside Sarkar’s palace. Jasodha in shock. Sarkar walks to the women and she applies colour and Sarkar’s feet. Jasodha in tears. Sarkar removes her veil. Gunwanti says she is Imartis younger sister Jalebi. Everyone in shock. Sarkar applies colour on her face. Jasodha start crying and hugs Manmeet. Sarkar says she is my second wife. Jasodha falls down in Sarkar’s feet and says I’ll die and apologies to him. Sarkar says I told you if you will do mistake I’ll bring second wife.

PreCap: None

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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