Meet 14th March 2023 Written Update: Manmeet plans to defame Meet, SP Bhati

Episode Start With Imarti and Gunwanti laugh thinking about Meet’s condition. Meet calls them and ask them about the fragrance of the dish she is preparing. They get stunned. Meet mocks them. They leave.

Imarti goes to her room and discovers that Meet has broken her bed and has used the wood. Meet offers bhog to God. Yashoda questions her if she really made all the dishes alone. Meet says yes.

Yashoda asks her how she is different from a maid now as she also cooks. Meet says that her dishes have touch of love unlike the dishes made by a cook or maid.

Yashoda asks her if she is trying to impress Manmeet then she is mistaken. Imarti confronts Meet for breaking her bed. Meet says that she needed logs to lit fire. Imarti loses her calm. Other ladies control her.

Manmeet tastes all the dishes and praises them all. Meet smiles. Sarkar pretends to sleep. Yashoda holds his foot and tells him how much she loves him. Sarkar recalls Imarti’s words and kicks Yashoda. Yashoda asks him what’s wrong. Sarkar doesn’t clear anything and leaves the room.

Manmeet calls the photographer who will come to shoot the Holi festival. He asks him to click most pictures and videos of Meet Hooda. He threatens to harm him if he fails to do his job efficiently. He cuts the call and says that it will be Meet’s last Holi at Sarkarpur.

Yashoda asks Sarkar if everything is fine. Sarkar tells her a riddle. Yashoda fails to understand the meaning. She leaves. Sarkar says that Yashoda won’t be able to forget this Holi during her entire life. Sarkar family assemble in a groud to celebrate the festival of Holi. Sarkar comes there.

Yashoda touches his feet. He goes away without giving blessings to her. Yashoda gets upset. Meet talks with Meghna. Manmeet arrives there. He meets Sarkar and applies colour on his forehead. Yashoda waits for Sarkar to put colours on her. He goes away and puts colours on his son Manmeet.

All the women put colours on Sarkar’s feet including Shagun. Meghna tells Meet that as per the rules all male put colours on Sarkar’s forehead and all the women put colours on his feet. All the couples put colours on each other and play holi. Manmeet brings colours in his hand and puts on Shagun.

Shagun puts colours on him aswell. They wish happy Holi to each other. Manmeet mocks Meet. Meet mocks him back. Manmeet says that a dhamaka is waiting for Meet. Sp bhati arrives there. Manmeet and Sarkar greet him.

Manmeet brings Meet there and asks her to wish happy Holi to sp bhati by putting colours on him. Meet puts a tika on his forehead. Photographer clicks their picture. Sp bhati and Manmeet apply colour on each other.

Yashoda misses Sarkar and feels bad. Manmeet sees that Meet and SP Bhati are maintaining a distance between them. He plans to bring them closer. He says that he will do such arrangements so that Meet and SP Bhati will be found in each other’s arms very soon.

The episode ends.

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