Maitree 9th April 2023 Written Update

The episode starts with Nandini trying to feed Nandish. Nandish sees Maitree. Maitree and Ashish ask Nandish to eat. Nandish says he doesn’t like it. Maitree says it’s your favorite food so don’t tell stories. Nandini says it’s fine if he doesn’t like to eat Indian food. She asks if he wants to eat Western food as she used to eat it during her pregnancy. Nandini orders the pizza, noodles, and burger. Maitree says to Ashish that junk food is not good for Nandish. Ashish says it’s fine for one day. Maitree agrees but looks uncomfortable.

Later food order arrives. Nandish sees the items and says it looks yummy. Nandini agrees and asks him to eat it. Nandish stops her. He says Mom always stops kids from eating junk but you’re not a good mother that’s why you’re making me eat it. He asks Maitree why she is not stopping like every time. He says he wants to eat paratha by Maitree’s hand. Nandini gets upset.

Maitree goes to Nandini and asks her to not feel disheartened by Nandish’s behaviour. Nandini says I’m his mother so it hurts. Maitree says Nandish will change with time. Nandini asks why she didn’t stop her from ordering Western food when she knows Nandish doesn’t like it. Maitree says it’s not good to stop you in front of Nandish so I didn’t. She gives her a list of Nandish’s likes and dislikes. Ashish comes there and promises Nandini that he will help her too. They do their friendship signature step. That time Maitree receives her brother’s call. Maitree picks up his call and says she has a surprise. She shows Nandini to him on a video call. Sachin feels excited and shows Nandini to his parents.

Sadhna and Dinesh feel happy. They invite Nandini to their house. Maitree disconnects the call. She says to Nandini that she wants to talk to her all night. Ashish coughs. Maitree says she understood and leaves. Ashish hugs Nandini from behind. He notices she is worried and asks her what happened. Nandini says I agree Maitree raised Nandish for 6 years but why didn’t she tell Nandish about me and my son doesn’t happy with my arrival. Ashish says it’s not Maitree’s mistake, Nandish is a lovely kid and he will understand you soon and we can raise him in a way that he will make us proud. Nandini agrees.

The next day, Nandini goes to the kitchen. Maitree wishes her good morning and asks if she slept well. Nandini says she can’t sleep until Nandish accepts her. Maitree asks Nandini if she reads about Nandish’s favourite foods. She says she is preparing a sandwich for Nandish and asks her to do it. Nandini says she will do it and reminds her that she had to go to meet her mother. Maitree says yes, I will enjoy the day with my mother and Nandish will enjoy with his mother. Maitree says to Nandini about the Nandish day routine and when she needs to give sandwiches. Nandini questions Maitree that if she does everything according to her then how will Nandish become like her? Maitree looks on but doesn’t take her words seriously and leaves.

Sona meets Nandini and tells her that she is happy that she returned home. She asks Nandini to raise her kid in her way and says she is with her. Nandini agrees and feels happy. Sona goes and packs Maitree’s luggage. Kusum comes there and asks whats she doing. Sona says Maitree needs to leave then only Nandish will accept his biological mother. Kusum asks Sona to wait for some more time. Nandish comes there. Sona says she decides to send Maitree out of the Tiwari household by giving Maitree her bags after she returns from work today. Nandish overhears Sona’s plan and gets angry. Sona sees Nandish and asks him to eat the food prepared by his mother.

Later everyone sits near the dining table. Nandini comes there and says to Ashish that she couldn’t find Nandish anywhere in the house. Everyone searches the whole house for Nandish but they didn’t find him Ashish calls Maitree and asks her if Nandish is with her. Maitree says she came out today alone. Ashish thinks where did Nandish go if he isn’t with Maitree? Ashish says to Maitree to handle her mom’s hospital appointment. Maitree says she will reschedule the hospital and leaves after informing Sadhna.

Episode ends.

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