Maitree 8th April 2023 Written Update

The episode starts with Maitree telling Nandini that she told their childhood stories to Nandish and he will be happy after seeing her. She says their friendship song is his favorite. Ashish says Nandish just looks like her. They enter Nandish’s room and notice he is sleeping. Nandini feels elated seeing her son. Maitree says to Nandini how she made her son get the name she wished. Nandish wakes up.

Nandini says to Nandish that his mother has returned showing herself. Sona says now he will call his real mother as a mom. Nandish asks Nandini who is she? Ashish says to Nandish that she is his mother. Sona asks Nandish to hug his biological mother. Nandish doesn’t accept Nandini as his mother. Nandish hugs Maitree and says she is his mother, not Nandini. Nandini gets upset seeing this. Maitree tries to tell Nandish that Nandini is his mother. Nandish calls Nandini bad and leaves. Nandini gets tears.

Nandish sits in the hall. Maitree goes to him and asks Nandish to apologize to Nandini. He says sorry. Maitree asks him to meet his grandmother. Nandish asks if her family came. Maitree asks him to meet his real grandmother. Nandish takes her blessings. Nandini calls him towards her. Nandish goes after taking Maitree’s permission. Nandini hugs Nandish. She tells him how she carried him for 9 months. She shows him the toys she bought for him. She asks him to take it but he doesn’t until Maitree asks him. Ashish says to Nandish that his mom bought many gifts and he will get many gifts if she stays here. Nandish says he is hungry. Sona says she will prepare food for them. Maitree asks Vasundhara and Nandini to freshen up.

Nandini goes to her room. She recalls her mother’s words that Maitree took control of Tiwsri’s house after Saransh’s death. She sees Maitree things in her room. Maitree brings Nandini’s luggage to the room. She hugs Nandini. She says till now I protected your room and see if it’s like before or not. She says she will vacate the room and unbox her things later. Nandini says many things changed in the room and life too seeing Maitree taking out her dresses from the cupboard. Vasundhara comes there and says she came as she is feeling alone. Nandini says she feels the same. Maitree hears it but ignores it.

Later Vasundhara asks Nandini ‘if she saw how Maitree made her son behave with her and says she watched everyone from her.’ Maitree comes there and helps Kusum to arrange food. Nandini says to her mother that she will get back the house and the people who belong to her. Maitree asks Nandini to sit to eat her favorite food. Nandini says she will do it as it’s her house. Maitree agrees. Vasundhara thinks her plan is working. Sona mocks Vasundhara. Kusum stops Sona and supports Vasundhara.

Nandini says to everyone that she comes out of her coma because of her mother and her love so I want my mother to stay here until I settle here completely if you guys don’t have a problem. Nandini agrees and asks Vasundhara to stay with them. Maitree says she will bring Nandish. Nandini stops her and says she will bring Nandish. Maitree agrees. Vasundhara smirks. Nandish sees Maitree vacated the room. Nandini comes there and tells Nandish that she will feed food to him. She takes him to the dining table. Nandini true to feed Nandish but he sees Maitree which disappoints Nandini.

Episode ends.

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