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Maitree 3rd March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sona tells Maitree she doesn’t need her permission. Because the baby is premature, Maitree says it’s against the doctor’s orders to massage him. Sona claims that doctors were unable to save my son and Nandini, so I will not listen to them. Om explains her concern for their child. Sona comprehends. She notices that the baby is wearing a diaper. She requests that Kusum get a cloth diaper and change it. On the other hand, Ashish threatens Vasundhara with legal action because she created the incorrect certificate. Vasudhara confirms the report and prepares to go to jail. Ashish says he isn’t afraid of her warnings. Nandini machines make a loud beeping sound.
The doctor arrives and advises Vasundhara and Ashish not to argue in front of the patient. He tells them that only one of them can stay here. Ashish promises Nandini that he will prove Saransh’s death was an accident. He walks away.

Ashish requests that the receptionist contact the hospital’s administrator. The hospital’s administrator arrives and asks Ashish what he wants to discuss with him. Ashish shows him the report and asks how they could fabricate a certificate against his brother. He threatens them with legal action. The hospital director informs him that the report was correct and that drug traces were found in Saransh’s blood. Ashish claims you’re lying, and I’ll investigate whether this report is false in court. He walks away. Vasundhara sees everything and believes Ashish can’t prove the report is false and that he can’t do anything when I kidnap Nandini and the baby.

Rajkumar requests another room and informs his sister that he will begin his studies here because he has completed his llb. His sister makes fun of him, saying it’s a degree paid for by their father. Both sides argue. Vasundhara’s brother and wife arrive. They warn Khunshi not to discuss the fake degree because it will make Raj Kumar the heir to this house. Nandini and her child, according to Khunshi, will become heirs. Vasundhara’s brother becomes enraged.

Ashish decides to send a notice to the hospital from his office. Om inquires about Ashish’s well-being. Ashish claims to be fine and to be going about his business. Om notices the envelope and inquires if it contains Saransh’s postmortem report. We got the wrong message because Ashish’s postpartum report was not yet ready. Maitree overhears their discussion. Om walks away. Maitree questions Ashish about his quick return from the hospital. Ashish says one must stay with Nandini, and Vasundhara is present, so I return early.

Maitree wakes up the baby and tells him stories about her mother before putting him to bed in Nandini’s blanket. Vasundhara calls Maitree and inquires about Baby. Maitree says the baby is fine and she doesn’t have to worry about him because I will look after him and he is just like his mother. Vasundhara is relieved that he is not like Tiwaris. Maitree apologises, but I don’t hear anything against my family. Vasundhara expresses her sadness because she has done so much for them and they have yet to inform her about Saransh. Maitree wonders about Saransh. Vasundhara claims Saransh was a drug addict, and medical reports back her up. Maitree collapses in her chair, recalling everything.She wonders how this is possible. Vasundhara claims that Ashish was aware of this, and that he may have set you up on purpose for the sake of his brother. Maitree is taken aback. Vasundhara says I know this is shocking for you so call me back when you feel better as I’m with you. She hangs up the phone, believing Ashish’s demise has begun.

Maitree considers everything. Vasundhara’s brother inquires about her next plans. Vasundhara informs him that she will be meeting Dsp. Maitree calls Ashish and tells him she needs to speak with him right away. Ashish informs her that he is in a meeting and will return soon. Vasundhara gives Maitree a report. She is taken aback when she sees Saransh’s postmortem report. She recalls her uncle’s death from drug overdose. She is dizzy. Kusum keeps Maitree on track. She inquires as to what transpired. Maitree claims to be fine. Sona arrives and says she is here to make all the arrangements for the 13th day.Kusum says she’ll be there to assist her. Sona inquires as to whether Om has contacted his brother. No, says Kusum. Sona, in tears, says she doesn’t want any other mother to be as unlucky as she was when she lost her diamond son. She walks away. Maitree considers how Sona will deal with the truth. On the other hand, Ashish on the phone instructs his team to prevent Saransh’s postmortem from reaching the media and promises to prove the report is false. Maitree shows up.

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Update Credit to: Tanaya

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