Maitree 31st March 2023 Written Update

The episode starts with Sachin coming to the Tiwari family to meet Maitree. Maitree thanks Sachin for coming here when she called him right away. Sachin gave the good news to Maitree that he talked with the where he is giving tuition and he has a room vacant. Sachin says she can open her office in that vacant room. Sona overhears Sachin and Maitree talking and says she will not allow Maitree to take Nandish out of this house as he might get an infection. Sona says she will talk to Ashish about it and leaves from there.

Maitree complains to Nandish about Sona. Ashish asks Maitree what is she doing? Ashish says these are Nandish’s cough drops not cold drops. Maitree thinks to herself how could she make this kind of mistake. Ashish says it happens when they are too stressed. Ashish asks Maitree what happened? Maitree says to Ashish that Sona is not allowing her to open her office here and she can’t take Nandish out of the house. Ashish tries to convince Maitree to agree to Sona’s condition and change the name of her company to Tiwari events. Maitree doesn’t agree to it and says she can’t compromise her principles and hurt her family to achieve her goals. Ashish says then she has to compromise with Vasudhara Rathore.

Maitree is shown to be packing Nandish’s things and Sona sees that and thinks where is Maitree taking Nandish to? Sona asks Ashish to ask Maitree where is she going? Maitree says she doesn’t have a choice. Ashish later says to Sona that Maitree might be going to Vasundhara’s house as they didn’t allow her to open Maitree’s office in this house. Maitre is taking Nandish and is going to stay in Vasundhara’s house to take care of Nandish.

The next day Maitree gets a call from the women empowerment Association asking for the address of her office. Sona takes the phone from Maitree and tells them her house address. Sona takes Maitree to a side and says she will allow Maitree to open her company here but she has to do something for her. Maitree asks what is it? Sona says she will tell Maitree when the time is right? Sona asks Maitree to swear on Nandish that she will agree to her condition when she asked for it and she needs to keep this deal a secret from Ashish, Kusum, and Om. Maitree agrees and swears on Nandish.

The women empowerment association inspect her company and say to Maitree that she needs to submit her paperwork within two days. Maitree agrees. The women empowerment association give the advance cheque to Maitree. Maitree says to them to give this cheque to them and says to the women empowerment association that Kusum, Sona, and Sadhana are the reason for her success today. Sona takes the cheque from the women association.

Ashish congrats Maitree. Ashish asks Maitree what did Sona ask her when she took her to a side. Maitree says just some rules and regulations as she is using her house space. Ashish congrats her again.

Mishra family and Tiwari family give a surprise to Maitree. Maitre looks at her new office and feels elated. Maitree makes Dinesh ribbon cut to her new office.

Maitree sits in her office and feels elated. Maitre looks at Nandini’s photo and misses her. Ashish asks Maitree where did her smile go? Maitree says her smile is with Nandini. Maitre says if Nandini was here then she would have been happy for her.

Episode ends.

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