Maitree 29th March 2023 Written Update: Vasundhara creates new trouble for Maitree

The episode starts with Sumithra going to Maitree and telling her that the patience of the audience is breaking and if it continues for some more time then they have to cancel the show. Ashish says it won’t happen and the show will start in 10 minutes. Sumithra agrees and leaves. Dinesh and Om agree to walk on the ramp. Sona says they will become jokers if they walk on the ramp and says the Tiwari family won’t support her. Vasundhara asks the organizer to cancel the show as it’s getting late and the audience is losing patience. The committee member agrees. Sadhna says she will support her daughter. Maitree feels happy.

The committee lady is about to cancel the shoe but Maitree comes there and starts her show. First Dinesh and Sadhna walk on the ramp then Sachin and Veiled Princy walk on the ramp. Then Om and Kusum walk on the ramp. Maitree says 3 rounds are successful but next is also a couple costume and who will do it. Ashish says they can do it. Maitree and Ashish walk on the ramp with Nandish. Vasundhara asks her brother to take their photo which they can use later. He takes their photo. Maitree says it’s a walk of friends. She gives a mocking look to Vasundhara and returns to the room.

Maitree says Nandish is the star of the event. Ashish asks her to praise him too. Maitree says the event has not yet ended and I planned a show’s topper costume and I think we need to cancel it. Ashish signs Sona can do it. They discuss that Vasundhara will enjoy their defeat if they cancel it. Sona says she will do it. She walks on the ramp wearing a showstopper dress and dances happily. Everyone appreciates Sona. Maitree on mike says Sona is Sherni so she entered alone. The show gets ended and Maitree thanks everyone for the fashion show’s success. Vasundhara says it’s not a ramp walk and you made your family walk on the ramp and you failed as an event organizer. Maitree says she didn’t fail and says it’s a show of the people, by the people, and for the people. Committee members support Maitree and say it’s a good idea and they are with her. Maitree thanks Ashish. Later Maitree thanks Sona. Ashish says their team is hit. He points Sona is helping Maitree so much. Sona says Maitree is her daughter in law even if she denies it. Maitree says hopes Vasundhara got her lesson.

On another side, Vasundhara says she won’t leave the event until she wins. She meets a committee member and says Maitree proved me wrong and we gave to support Maitree by giving her events but Maitree doesn’t have an office and gst number and these days many frauds are happening and hopes Maitree is not from them. Member of Committee looks on. Vasundhara smirks and leaves.

Dinesh thanks the Tiwari family for supporting his father. The member of the committee comes to Maitree and praises Maitree’s event and gives her a reimbursement check. Maitree happily shows it to her family. Maitree asks when she gets funding. A member of the committee says they will give funding coming to her office after checking her Gst number. Ashish says ok. She asks what’s the address of the company.

Episode ends.

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