Maitree 25th March 2023 Written Update: Sona refuses to team up with Vasundhara

The episode starts with Maitree requesting the women of the committee to see her presentation. The committee member says the selection is done and asks her to try the next time. Ashish punctures the committee member’s car tire. He asks them to listen to Maitree’s presentation until the mechanic sets the car. Committee women say they leave hiring an auto. Ashish says it’s crime if they didn’t see the presentation after accepting the application. He introduces himself as a high court lawyer and threatens to file a case against them. Committee members agree to see the Maitree project.

Maitree impresses the women of the committee. Committee members ask how many years of experience she has and how many workers she has. Maitree says I have done two events and one is my wedding and another one is my friend’s son Naamkaran. Sumithra asks her to enjoy her newly married life. Maitree says my husband died the next day after my marriage and I want to fulfill my dream while giving work to others ladies who are in need. Committee members like Maitree trust on herself and they agree to grant the fund if she does an event in Chaitra Navaratri puja with her own money and impresses them. Maitree thinks about how to get that much money.

Nandini’s Maami calls Sona and asks her to meet Vasundhara once. Sona asks why she has to come to their house. Vasundhara takes the phone and requests her to come for important work. Sona agrees. Vasundhara thinks Maitree will be trapped.

Ashish on call learns from his team that he is not getting new cases as he lost his wife’s custody. Ashish sees Maitree and says he will call them later. Ashish asks Maitree how did her presentation go? Maitree says the presentation went well and they also want to see her work. Maitree says she has to do government event with her own money. Ashish says the insurance money of Saransh came. Ashish says to Maitree that she can use it if she wants. Maitree looks on.

Sona goes to Vasundhara’s house. She meets Nandini and asks her to get well soon to return to their house to take care of her baby. Maami calls her downstairs to drink tea. Sona comes outside and asks Vasundhara why she called her? Vasundhara says to Sona that if both the grandmothers of the child join hands then they can convince the court that Maitree doesn’t need to be Nandish’s guardian and says by doing this they will get Nandish but also they will break Maitree’s pride. Vasundhara asks Sona if she agrees for the deal or not? Vasundhara forwards her hands.

Maitree scolds Ashish for thinking that she will use druggie Saransh’s money. Ashish says sorry and asks how she arranges money. Maitree says she will break her policy and use it. Ashish says it’s not easy and let’s go and do it and I have work in the court too. Maitree asks him to not waste his time with her and asks him to go to his court. She leaves.

Sona twists Vasundhara’s hand. Vasundhara’s brother and his wife stop her. Vasundhara asks why she is not understanding. She says I thought you hate Maitree. Sona says I hate Maitree but I love Ashish more and I won’t let him lose his son’s custody to you as I hate you more and Maitree is my family too as she is the widow of my son and I will punish her and not you. She warns Vasundhara to stay within her limits. She throws 100rs at Vasundhara’s face. Maami asks why she is insulting Vasundhara. Sona says I drank a sip of coffee at her place so that’s money for that one. Sona warns them to not attend the surya puja they are arranging at their place tonight for Nandish. Vasundhara looks on.

Episode ends.

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