Maitree 22nd March 2023 Written Update: Vasundhara’s new conspiracy against Maitree

The episode starts with Sona asking her family members why they are supporting Maitree who humiliated them in front of society. Sona says Maitree left our house in the 13th-day ritual of Saransh and she didn’t support us when Vasundhara accused us then how can I forgive her? Ashish says Sona Tai is correct and says they will take care of Nandish and Maitree doesn’t need to stay here. Maitree says she wants to talk with him alone.

On another side, Vasundhara promises Nandini that she will teach a lesson to Maitree for deceiving them. She says Ashish is top of my hit list but now Maitree is promoted to that place and now Maitree will face my wrath.

Ashish asks Maitree to give his baby to him and asks her to leave. Maitree says I’m here to take care of Nandish and why I feel you don’t like my stay here more than Sona ji as you feel regret for cheating me whenever you see my face. Ashish says think whatever you want but give my baby to me. He tries to snatch Nandish from her. Maitree warns him to not do it. Om and Kusum ask Ashish to stop. Ashish asks them to tell Maitree to leave giving Nandish. Maitree says she will leave and takes Nandish with her. Sona stops her and says their house will be like ruins without Nandish so stay here. Family members take Nandish. Ashish says I will learn how to handle my baby with my family then Maitree doesn’t need to stay here. Maitree looks on.

Later Ashish places the baby on the bed and goes to bring milk to the baby. Kusum asks Maitree to change her dress. Maitree sees Ashish downstairs and she goes to baby and saves baby from falling from the bed. Maitree calls Ashish. Ashish comes there. She scolds him for not taking her help. She asks him to bear her until he learns to take care of the baby. Maitree says we are already bearing you so don’t forget that you can do dramas in my house and you have to follow my rules to stay here. Maitree asks what are the rules. Sona asks her to stay at their place like Saransh’s widow. She asks Maitree to wear a white saree. Om says Maitree is helping us then why do you put these demands on her? Sona says it’s Maitree and her family conspiracy. Maitree says she will answer her and takes them out.

Maitree takes out a photo from her marriage album. Maitree says to Sona that she lost his son and she feels sorry for Sona but it doesn’t mean she has the right to insult her. Maitree goes to the Diya near Saransh burns her marriage photo. Maitree shows the burning Photo and says to Sona that just like this photo Maitree Tiwari Saransh’s widow is dead from today. Maitree gives a befitting reply to Sona and says she came here only for Nandish and the word she gave to Nandini and not for Sona. Sona recalls what happened. Ashish tries to talk to Sona but Maitree asks Ashish not to interfere when they are talking. Maitree says she will respect everyone here until they respect her. Sona asks if she is this much arrogant just because she brought Nandish to this home? Maitree says this is self respect.

Sadhana says to Maitree that she already packed her bags for her to go to Lucknow but now she is going to Tiwari house. Dinesh says she has one month time and asks Maitree to return to her home after that. Dinesh says they can’t see Maitree destroying her future like this. Maitree says she is also focusing on her career while taking care of Nandish. Sadhana asks Maitree if she will do this alone. Maitree says she knows they already uploaded her profile in a matrimonial site. Maitree says she will select the guy this time herself and she will take her time while doing it.

Vasundhara’s brother and his wife come to Nandini’s room in the middle of the night. Vasudhara bother changes the saline solution as if the medicine doesn’t go into Nandini’s body then she will never wake up. Princy’s comes to Nandini’s room and asks them what are they doing here? They argue with Princy. Vasundhara comes and tells them to stop shouting. Princy’s mother makes up a reason and takes Princy away from there. Vasundhara asks her brother if he transferred the money to that account. He says yes. He asks Vasundhara why is she sending this much money to that account. Vasundhara gives a hint to her brother saying with this Sona will throw Maitree out of the Tiwari family. Maitree will fall on her knees and give the child to her. Vasundhara says she will not forgive Maitree and says she has to pay for her actions.

Episode ends.

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