Maitree 1st April 2023 Written Update

The episode starts with Maitree telling Nandish that they can sleep once dye finishes her work. Maitree sees her photo with Nandini. She asks her to recover soon for her. On another side, Nandini moves her fingers. The doctor notices it and says it’s a good sign. Maami asks her husband if he changed the medicine with water or not. He says he changed. Princy says she will inform the good news to Ashish. Vasundhara warns her to not do it. She says tomorrow is the anniversary of Nandini and Ashish and I hate the day and tomorrow I will pray to god to break all relations Nandini has with Ashish. She asks her brother and his wife to come with her. They agree and leave. Princy thinks she can’t stop herself from informing Nandini’s improvement to Ashish and Maitree.

Ashish goes to Maitree and informs her that Nandini is recovering and Princy informed him. Maitree says we have one day to meet Nandini but Nandini can come here. Ashish asks how it’s possible. Maitree says to Ashish that tomorrow is their wedding anniversary and says there isn’t a better time than this to bring Nandini to this house. Ashish reminds Maitree that Vasundhara wouldn’t allow that. Maitree says she has a good plan. She tells him about the plan.

The next day, Vasundhara’s brother asks his son to change the saline with water according to the time. Ashish comes there and meets Vasundhara regarding another case. He instigates Vasundhara and takes her sign-on papers to take Nandini home for one day without her knowledge. Vasundhara asks Rajkumar to not let Ashish meet Nandini and leaves. Rajkumar warns Ashish to leave. Ashish threatens to expose his fake degree. Raj Kumar requests him to not do it. Ashish asks him to let him meet Nandini for 10m. Raj Kumar allows him. Nandini calls Maitree and Sachin. They meet Nandini and talk to her. They discuss why Nandini is not responding. Princy says she responds sometimes.

Sona and Kusum decorate the house for an anniversary party. Ashish and Maitree tell Princy that they are taking Nandini with them for the anniversary party. Ashish asks Princy and Sachin to divert Rajkumar. Princy makes Rajkumar fall to the ground. Sachin and Princy duct tape Rajkumar’s legs and take him away. Maitree and Ashish bring Nandini out of her room in a wheelchair. Maitree and Ashish hide from Rajkumar who is jumping around the house as his legs are duct taped. Sachin takes Raj Kumar inside stating he needs rest for his recovery.

Maitree and Ashish bring Nandini to Tiwari’s house. Maitree takes Nandish. Kusum welcomes Nandini with aarti. Sona says Nandish will cure his mother and Nandini will get the right of the mother. Nandini moves her eyes. Everyone feels happy. Maitree says to Ashish that he will get the best gift I.e Nandini’s recovery. Sona says Nandish will get his real mother. Maitree looks on. Ashish signs her to not worry. He asks Nandino to see the house again. Maitree says she opened her office at their house. Sona says don’t worry Nandini, I will make Maitree shut her office once you recover.

Episode ends.

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