Maitree 17th March 2023 Written Update: Sona attempts suicide

The episode starts with Vasundhara questioning Ashish why his car is near a drug dealer’s place and why police discover drugs in his home. Ashish stares helplessly at Sona. He recalls Sona’s request to him at the station and doesn’t speak anything against Saransh. Maitree asks Ashish to speak. Vasundhara reminds Maitree that it’s court. Judge asks Maitree to sit. Ashish asks to Judge him some more time. Vasundhara objects to it.

Maitree recalls her promise to Nandini that she will save Ashidh if he ever lands in trouble while saving others. Maitree gives proof to Om and Kusum to prove Ashish’s innocence. She says it’s a matter of your house so the final call is yours. Kusum tells Om that they have to prove Ashish’s innocence for his family so go and prove Ashish’s innocence before it gets too late and its swears on me. The judge is about to tell his decision.

Om says he had proof to prove Ashish’s innocence. Ashish says it’s against protocol and stops him. Kusum acts like she got an asthma attack. Ashish goes to her. Kusum signs Om to show the proof to the judge. Om requests the Judge’s permission to show him the evidence. The judge permits him. Sona thinks about what’s in that video. Judge sees the video and says it’s clear in the video that Saransh went to take drugs on his engagement day and drugs at his place belong to his brother so Ashish is innocent. Sona gets shocked.

Vasundhara says it can be fake proof so cancel it. Judge says you’re a good advocate but try to accept your defeat too. Vasundhara apologises to him. The judge sentences that Ashish is released free of all charges. Everyone feels happy.

At home, Sadhna asks Maitree why she looks happy. Maitree says Ashish is proven innocent. Dinesh says we supported the truth but it won’t change that they spoiled your life so concentrate on your life and let Ashish fight the custody case. Maitree says she will concentrate on her event management and collects funds to improve it. Dinesh says it’s celebration time. Sadhna asks Maitree what’s she thinking.

Maitree says don’t know how Sona is reacting to the revelations. Sona locks herself in a room and tries to commit suicide by burning herself using gasoline saying she failed to become a good mother and wife. Ashish and Om break the door and stop Sona on time. Sona says they can’t stop her. Ashish asks her to burn him along with her. He lights the matchstick and asks Sona to burn them. Sona stops her attempt. Ashish comforts her.

Episode ends.

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